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Handling Difficult Situations

Some times the managers will find difficult situations. He has to review poorly performing workers, deal with insubordinate employees, or overcome personal conflicts.  While dealing with difficult situations the three key points are to be remembered by managers.

Get Prepared

Mangers are required to be more prepared while providing negative performance than for positive reviews. Specific instances needed to be cited to back-up any negative ratings or comments.  Managers should review all previous reviews and any disciplinary actions regarding an employee prior to the meeting. Only issues that has been related with the employee in some way should be included as part of the review.

Be Honest

Managers should be honest with employees and more good while dealing with difficult situations. Honesty builds a bond of trust with the employee and the employee needs to hear specifically, and without confusion, how his or her performance or attitude comes across.

Stay Calm

Managers should always stay calm. Defensive or argumentative behavior by an employee should not distract the Manager should not be distracted from delivering a complete and honest assessment if an employee arguments and defenses the process. The manager has to remain calm, handle the situation authoritatively, and be resolute in taking the next action steps

Handling Difficult Situations

  • Dealing with Change
    Change is, and will continue to be, a constant in today’s organizations. It’s obviously quite natural for people to resist change and this factor must be dealt with if you are to insure progress and success. This module examines why people resist change; how that resistance affects the employee, the organization, and performance; and how to overcome that resistance to make change a positive force in the workplace.
  • Confronting Issues with Managers and Peers
    Confrontations are inevitable in today’s organizational environment. However, the negative aspect arises when a “win-lose” resolution is achieved. This module provides a framework for producing “win-win” solutions through a proven problem-solving approach. This skill is a “must” for leaders who recognize the importance of dealing with controversial issues that are negatively impacting productivity.
  • Corrective Action Techniques
    Corrective action is often mentally linked to having to deal with a problem employee in a negative situation. Yet, many cases which require corrective action may very well deal with an exceptional employee in a very positive situation. The common denominator, or course, is the simple fact that persistent, unproductive behavior must be corrected as soon as possible for the benefit of everyone involved. This module includes methods for taking prompt action to correct performance problems in a very positive way. 

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