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Conducting the Review

Preparation is needed from both the manager and the employee. Some points that are to be considered could be the following,

Consider:  Documents or information has to bring to the conversation. What are the things that are new since the last conversation?

  • The current job/position description has to be reviewed
  • Review any documents from the last performance review.
  • Bring notes or documents accumulated during the year.
  • Gather information that each person needs to communicate to the other person
  • Get the employee’s successes since the last conversation.
  • Obstacles has the employee encountered since the last conversation has to be taken care
  • Need of training for the employee to do the work more effectively
  • Define the performance goals and development goals for the coming year
  • The manager’s role to assist the employee in achieving these goals. Determine the right setting, amount of time, etc., for this conversation
  • Time has to be allotted properly.
  • A performance review conversation is nothing but a conversation.
  • Documents, forms, or other materials help to guide the conversation.
  • During the review conversation, the manager and employee should:
  • Review successes since the last conversation, making sure to identify specific results achieved.
  • Review any obstacles encountered since the last conversation.
  • Be prepared to provide and receive good feedback.
  • Set SMART goals.
  • The accomplished reviewer:
  • Focuses on observable behavior
  • Listens well
  • Coaches
  • Maintains an atmosphere of open honest dialogue
  • Documents the review

Team leader acts as an internal scorekeeper for the team.  He has the responsibility of monitoring other employee performance towards their goals and training. And then he reports this information to the employees and management. The task of conducting employee performance reviews is not a small task. It has to be determined which performance evaluation method works best for the team. Employee performance is assessed based on input from the employee’s coworkers in across departments, as well as the employee’s customers and clients.

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