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Preparing Appraisal Report

The goal of the performance appraisal is to document specific criteria for salary increases, promotions or disciplinary actions. It should also involve ongoing communication, setting achievable goals with clear expectations and to have a plan of action for the future. Thus it is important to write an effective employee performance appraisal because of benefits,

  • Motivates employees: The clear instruction to the employees should be given. What’s expected of them by setting goals, establishing timelines, tracking progress, and identifying obstacles to their individual goals the manager can motivate them.
  • Rewards, recognizes and compensates to top performers: The employee whose contribution is identified should be rewarded.
  • Reduces employee turnover and attrition: Providing employees with clear goals will support company’s objectives and encourage retention by creating a pay-for-performance structure that rewards your top performers appropriately.
  • Protects legally: The detailed recorded document will avoid any kind of legal complications in the future.

5.5.1 How to write an effective employee performance appraisal

Writing an employee performance appraisal is a very systematic task. It begins on the employee’s first day of work with your company.  Managers who begin the evaluation process early by providing regular feedback throughout the year will have less difficulty preparing the appraisal report. The following will help to construct performance appraisals that are efficient, focused and beneficial to everyone.

5.5.2 Setting of Individual Goals Effectively

Setting goals is a mutual activity between a manager and his or her employee. The manager communicates objectives to the employee and the employer and employee together create successfully achievable goals that are aligned with the company goals.

  • Step 1: A departmental file for new employee is to be created. The file will contain attendance records and performance feedback, including any discipline records.
  • Step 2: Employee’s department file is to be kept up-to-date and feedback is to be documented. Human resource department is to be consulted to document appropriate informal feedback. It is to be kept in the mind that writing a performance appraisal can be completed more efficiently when supervisors plans ahead. For evaluating employee performance supervisors should never rely on memory.
  • Step 3: Company’s human resources leader is to be consulted for tips on how to administer discipline. Company with a progressive discipline policy has to maintain all documentation related to each incident. Managers and supervisors   should be trained in the proper use of the forms and the overall discipline process and how to provide effective feedback to commend or motivate employees to reach high performance level. Complete departmental file should be maintained.
  • Step 4: Annual employee appraisal meeting has to be prepared well in advance. The date for meeting has to be calendared and draft is be begun on the areas in which you have performance standards. The various areas like job skills, interpersonal communication and team-building are to be included. Initiative and motivation can be observed and judged.
  • Step 5: Review is required to be done. Employee’s department file for documentation is to be reviewed through out the year.  All feedback has to be gathered. A draft appraisal form is prepared and the job expectation is considered carefully.  Employee of the appraisal meeting is reminded, and asked to transpire during the conference to discuss his performance.  All the process of appraisal has to be recorded systematically.

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