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Performance Appraisal Establishing Successful Closure

The closure is very much important as well. At the end of the performance appraisal meeting the manager should leave the employee feeling satisfied and motivated.

  • Review the main points: Highlights the main points of the meeting – agreeing the positive points and any improvement areas
  • Agree an action plan: A plan has to be prepared to carry out any action points e.g. training, performance improvement actions, employee satisfaction improvements etc
  • Explain the performance appraisal process: Explain what happens next, and when, in the appraisal process.
  • Ask for feedback: The manager should take feedback from the employee on the meeting. It can give the opportunity to address any issues the employee is unhappy with from this meeting. The employee should not leave the meeting carrying an impression that they have not been given the chance to speak or they have not been answered.

Thank and give feedback: Thank the employee for their contribution to the meeting and add any – positive -feedback you have on the meeting.

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