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Elements of HRM System

HRM Enterprise Standards encapsulate policies, documented terms and definitions, business rules, required business processes (if any), and business information needs relative to a specific HRM functional area. By promoting Department of Defense (DoD)-wide semantic consistency and uniform reporting within the HRM Core Business Mission, the HRM Enterprise Standards initiative will enable the consistent application of policies within the DoD HRM community.

HRM Enterprise Standards are incorporated into the HRM Enterprise Architecture (EA), which is a segment within the DoD’s Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) published by the Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO).

HRM Enterprise Standards consist of five elements:

    1. Authoritative Source – Public laws, Joint publications, DoD issuances, and DoD regulations that establish policies that support HRM and provide general procedures for implementing that policy.
    2. Business Process Standard – A description of an operational activity that may include a sequential list of required sub-activities if directed by law or policy.
    3. Business Rule Standard – Business rules, derived from the Authoritative Sources, intended to influence or guide business behavior.
    4. Common Human Resources Information Standard (CHRIS) – An encapsulated view of a business information need conveying context in a semantically consistent manner. A CHRIS includes: a business name, definition, permitted values when applicable, a business use description, structural business rules, and references to relevant laws, regulations, and policies.
    5. Business Glossary Standard – A controlled HRM business vocabulary, including relevant terms, phrases, and definitions.

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