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HRM Practices

  • Planning and Appraisal: In which way an organization sets goals, plans performance, provides ongoing coaching, and evaluates performance of employees.
  • Individual and Team Development: In which way an organization identifies the needs for employee skill development, education, and growth and how they meet those needs.
  • Career Planning: How an organization helps employees to learn their strengths and to match these strengths, aptitudes, preferences, and abilities to future work.
  • Hiring: How an organization defines and fills positions and roles with qualified people from within and/or outside the organization.
  • Career Path: How an organization determines the logical progression of jobs, roles, assignments, and development to provide a sufficient pool of qualified candidates and incumbents.
  • Succession Planning: How an organization identifies key roles and positions determines performance requirements and targets a group of people to fill these positions and roles in the future.
  • Job Design: In which way an organization determines the best methods for accomplishing a work product or result. The two major types are the individual job and the team.
  • Classification: The systematic process for evaluating the size and appropriate salary ranges for different jobs and roles in an organization.
  • Compensation/Recognition/Other Rewards: How an organization pays and rewards employees through salary, bonuses, benefits and/or non-financial rewards.

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