Challenges in Learning and Development

Challenges in Learning and Development

Learning and development have become necessary for growth in the long-term for any organization. There are researchers and survey results showing the rapid growth lead by the L&D programme at the workplace. There are always challenges in every field of life. So, there are challenges in learning and development too. Those who are charged with L&D facilitation in the organizations today, face challenges and hurdles every day. Also, there are a number of challenges faced by L&D professionals in everyday life.

Challenges in Learning and Development

Challenges –

  • Change – A big deal: dealing with the change is tough, due to advanced technology, speeding up the work, mergers &acquisitions, etc. There is a need for support to the individual employees to withstand changes in their own roles.
  • Summarise the learning: learners don’t want the lengthy learning sessions. Because the managers are reluctant to sanction a big chunk of time away from the workplace to their team.
  • Leadership to the leader: one of the biggest challenges is to develop leadership in the leaders. The main challenge is to make the leader understand the need for their own development while instilling effective leadership behavior them.
  • To engage the learners: the value of learning and development needs to be communicated to the learners by the L&D professional. Hence, It’s a challenge to get the learners engage in the learning programme and participate actively.
  • Making the learning effective: every topic requires a unique method to deliver the learning. It’s important to plan the learning session beforehand to make the learning more effective.


Thus, the challenges keep on multiplying and evolve. It’s the skills and ability of the L&D professionals to be responsive and utilize the resources, to overcome the challenges in the learning and development

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