Certified Public Relations Officer

Certified Public Relations Officer Online Tutorial

Public relations officers, also known as public relations or communications specialists, aid relations between organizations and the public. They may operate for corporations, government agencies, or nonprofit groups. Standard tasks for public relations officers incorporate providing journalists with information concerning their organizations’ activities, coordinating public exhibitions for business representatives, and competing in marketing activities. The Certified Public Relations Officer exam proves that the aspirant has such abilities. 

Responsibilities as a Certified Public Relations Officer
  • Outlining PR campaigns and procedures.
  • Monitoring the public and media’s judgment of their client or employer
  • Writing and disseminating leaflets, press releases, brochures, newsletters, speeches, websites, and social media
  • Representing the company on occasions such as press launches, exhibitions, news conferences, open days, and sponsorship.
  • Forming good working relations with the media
  • Arranging for advertising or promotional films to be presented.
  • Public speaking at conferences, presentations, or radio and TV interviews. 

Certified Public Relations Officer: Exam Overview

Vskills Certification in Public Relations is for those candidates who are looking for opportunities in this sector catering to a wide variety of services. The Public Relations Officer certification concentrates on developing public relations strategy and tactical requirements of the profession. Vskills Certifications on Public Relation is for media relations professionals, public relations practitioners, government public relations officers, corporate communicators, and practising public relations professionals. Public Relations certification significantly appends a value to the candidates’ profile and assists in evaluating the skills for performance improvement.

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Certified Public Relations Officer Exam process

Exam Details

  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes
  • Vskills Exam Code: VS-1043
  • Number  of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50
  • Passing marks: 25 (50%)
  • Exam Mode: Online
  • There is NO negative marking in this module.

Public Relations Career Options

The interaction between a corporation and the general public is referred to as public relations. Public relations (PR) professionals assist a firm in projecting a favourable image to the public in order to achieve its objectives. Let us discover Public Relations Career Options.

Course Outline for Certified Public Relations Officer

Certified Public Relations Officer covers the following topics –

Understanding Public Relations as a discipline

Public Relations Principle and Practices

Reputation, image, and Impression Management

Public Relations Ethics

Public Relations Risks and Issues

Communication Crisis and Relationship Building

Preparation Guide for Certified Public Relations Officer

Candidates preparing for the exam should understand the importance of exam resources. During the exam preparation, it is necessary to get all the required exam study resources. This will give the advantage to understand the concepts and meaning more accurately. In the Certified Public Relations Officer preparation guide, we will discuss some of the most important resources to help you prepare well for the exam.

Certified Public Relations Officer preparation guide

Exam Objectives

For every examination, the first task should be to get all the exam relevant details including the important contents and its topic. With complete exam objectives, the candidate’s exam preparation time is better spent because they already know what to study. For the Certified Public Relations Officer exam, the topics include:

  • Public Relations Officer
  • Strategic Planning for Public Relations
  • Communication and Public Relations
  • Negotiating Skills and Public Relations
  • Marketing PR and Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Customer Relations
  • Dealer Relations
  • Vendor Relations
  • Employee Public Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Corporate Image
  • Corporate Identity Management
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations and Crisis Management
  • Government Public Relations
  • Public Relations and Lobbying
  • Ethics and Public Relations
  • Public Relations Agency

Vskills Online Learning Material

Vskills Certified Public Relations Officer provides candidates a way to prepare for the exam using the online learning material for existence. The online material for this is regularly updated. Moreover, e-learning is bundled with hard copy material which encourages candidates to enhance and update the learning curve for superior and better opportunities. The candidate can also download the sample chapter for the Certified Public Relations Officer exam

Vskills Brochure 

Vskills also provides a brochure for the Certified Public Relations Officer exam. The brochure contains all the necessary related to the exam such as details, sample papers, important information, course outline, etc. 

Books for Reference

The next step in the preparatory guide should be books and study guides. The candidate needs to find those books which are enriched with information. Finding a good book may be a difficult task, but in order to gather knowledge and skills, the candidate has to find, read, and understand. We recommend the following for additional knowledge:

  • Public Relations by Tom Kelleher.
  • Strategic Writing: Multimedia Writing for Public Relations, Advertising, and More by Charles Marsh.
  • The Art & Craft of PR: Creating the Mindset and Skills to Succeed in Public Relations Today by Sandra Stahl 
Practice Test

Practice tests are the one who ensures the candidate about their preparation for the Certified Public Relations Officer exam. The practice test will help the candidates to acknowledge their weak areas so that they can work on them. There are many practice tests available on the internet nowadays, so the candidate can choose which they want. Try the practice test here!

Job Interview Questions

Get ready to crack you interview whether you are a fresher or looking to upgrade your career. These interview questions are solely designed to serve the purpose to enrich you with knowledge. We have curated expert questions to help both beginners and professionals that will help them to advance their career and gain knowledge to face any typical interview.

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