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Certified Planning and Scheduling Manager Online Tutorial

A Planning and Scheduling Manager works on delivering office support and performing administrative duties such as maintaining the calendar, scheduling appointments, making travel plans, organizing meetings, and planning conferences, and performing other scheduling administrative functions. It is therefore important, to be disciplined and have enough knowledge and skills to become a successful Planning and Scheduling Manager.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Planning and Scheduling Manager, you will be responsible for scheduling office and client visits,  Furthermore, updating individual and office-wide calendars and planning for meetings, conferences, and trips is also done by a Planning and Scheduling Manager. To add on, Scheduling managers also do multiple tasks while keeping in mind the strict deadlines, developing process improvements in order to boost efficiency and productivity levels. Also, they work directly with the top management as well as the junior staff of the company.

Vskills Certified Planning and Scheduling Manager

The Vskills Certified Planning and Scheduling Manager is specially designed for those candidates who are looking for developing and learn relevant skills to enhance their career as a Scheduling Manager. This certification aims at helping a candidate differentiate in today’s competitive job market, broaden their employment opportunities by displaying their advanced skills, and result in higher earning potential. Furthermore, this course is intended for professionals and graduates wanting to excel in their chosen areas. It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further career progression.

Benefits of the Certification

  • With the Vskills Certified Planning and Scheduling Manager, you can find employment in planning or scheduling departments of various companies, students generally wanting to improve their skill set and make their CV stronger, and existing employees looking for a better role can prove to their employers the value of their skills through this certification.
  • Also, the certification tests the candidates on various areas in project management basics, project planning, activity and schedule basics, constructing network diagram, forward and backward pass, AON, PDN, LOB, CPM, PERT, PERT/CPM simulation, reducing project duration and risk management.

Vskills being India’s largest certification provider gives candidates access to top exams as well as provides after exam benefits. This includes:

  • The certifications will have a Government verification tag.
  • The Certification is valid for life.
  • Candidates will get lifelong e-learning access.
  • Access to free Practice Tests.

Test Details

  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number  of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50
  • Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking in this module
  • It is an online examination
Certified Planning and Scheduling Manager exam details

Course Outline

Project Management

  • Project
  • Project Management
  • Project Management Approaches
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Stakeholders
  • Project Scope
  • Base Lining

Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Introduction
  • The Specification
  • Providing Structure
  • Establishing Controls
  • Artistry In Planning
  • Planning For The Future
  • Importance of Project Planning

Planning and Scheduling Techniques

  • To-do Lists
  • Bar Charts
  • Flowchart
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
  • Arrow Diagramming Method
  • Precedence Diagram Method
  • Line of Balance (LOB)

Activity and Schedule

  • Activity Basics
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Activity Definition
  • Activity Sequencing
  • Activity Resource Estimating
  • Activity Duration Estimation
  • Schedule Development
  • Schedule Control

Constructing Network Diagram

  • Introduction
  • Network Construction
  • Event Representation
  • Constructing a Network Diagram from WBS

AON Basics

  • Introduction
  • The Workflow
  • Drawing of Activity Diagram
  • Examples

Forward Pass and Backward Pass

  • Introduction
  • Forward Pass
  • Backward Pass
  • Calculating and Executing a Forward and Backward Pass
  • Constructing Forward and Backward Pass Project Management
  • Forward Pass / Backward Pass Calculation

Precedence Diagramming Method

  • Introduction
  • Explanation
  • Constructing Diagram and Computations
  • Sample PDM Network Diagram
  • Gantt Charts


  • Calculations in Network Analysis
  • Calculation of Expected Time and Variance of a Path in PERT
  • CPM/PERT Network Development
  • CPM & PERT Weaknesses & Strengths
  • Advantages of PERT and CPM

PERT/CPM Simulation

  • Introduction
  • Description of CPM/PERT
  • Modification In CPM/PERT
  • Simplified PERT Procedure
  • Reviews
  • Structure and Elements of Simplified
  • Algorithm of Simplified CPM/PERT

Reducing Project Duration

  • Introduction
  • Project Audit and Closure
  • Steps to reduce Project duration
  • Project Crashing
  • Conclusion
  • Project Time-Cost Trade-Off
  • Activity Time-Cost Relationship

Uncertainty and Risk Management

  • Introduction
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Identification Techniques
  • Risk management processes
  • Strategies to meet the Risks

Preparatory Guide for Planning and Scheduling Manager Certification

You must follow a study pattern while learning from authentic and genuine resources. This Preparatory Guide will act as a bridge for your career advancements. Our team has curated this guide to help you excel in your certification Let’s discuss step by step-

Preparatory Guide for Certified Planning and Scheduling Manager

Exam Objectives

The course domains and modules act as a blueprint for the exam. This will help candidates to easily start preparing for the exam. Also, for the Vskills Planning and Scheduling Manager Certification, the exam topics to refer to are:

  • Project Management
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Planning and Scheduling Techniques
  • Activity and Schedule
  • Constructing Network Diagram
  • AON Basics
  • Forward Pass and Backward Pass
  • Precedence Diagramming Method
  • PERT/CPM Simulation
  • Reducing Project Duration
  • Uncertainty and Risk Management

Refer: Vskills Planning and Scheduling Manager Certification Brochure

Vskills E-Learning

For the skills Planning and Scheduling Manager Certification examination, our team has provided online study material. Also, this online material is regularly updated. Furthermore, e-learning is bundled with hard copy material which helps candidates to improve and update the learning curve for superior and better opportunities.

Refer:  Vskills Planning and Scheduling Manager Certification Sample Chapter

Reference Books

It is important to prepare from the right books. To ease out your hunt for books we have provided a list of books which you can refer to:

  • Project Planning and Scheduling (Project Management Essential Library) by Gregory T Haugan
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook by Doc Palmer 

Evaluate yourself with Practice Test

After studying for the examination, it is important to practice sample papers. Practicing sample test will help you analyze your weak areas and strengths. Moreover, you will be able to improve your answering skills that will result in saving a lot of time. So, make sure to find the best practice sources.

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