Windows XP features and components

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Windows XP features and components

What is Windows XP Operating Systems?

Microsoft for the utilization on various common daily purposes computer systems, including notebook PC’s (computers), home and business desktops, and media hubs introduced a column of operating systems termed as Windows XP Operating systems.
The alphabets “XP” denote the meaning eXPerience.
Windows XP is the descendant to both Windows Me and Windows 2000 Professional.
It is considered as the first consumer-oriented operating system launched by Microsoft which was built on the Windows NT kernel and architecture.


Components of Windows XP Operating Systems and Types:

Windows XP Professional boasts various components such as two physical processors and support for Windows Server domains and its aim at power users and business customers.
Windows XP Media Center Edition also possess extra multimedia characteristics that boosts the capability to record and view DVD movies, watch TV shows, and listen to music.
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is created to run the ink-aware Tablet PC podium.
Windows XP 64-bit Edition for IA-64 (Itanium) processors and Windows XP professional x64 Edition for x86-64 also released two separate 64-bit versions.

Windows XP is popular for its competence over the 9x versions of Microsoft Windows and enhanced constancy.
It boasts an appreciably redesigned graphical user interface and thus a modified Microsoft is more endorsed as making it user-friendly.
It is also treated as the first version of Windows to utilize the product activation to conflict software piracy.
Windows XP was ultimately amalgamated into the Whistler project, which later designed as Windows XP.
The two foremost editions are Windows XP Professional, generally made for business and power-users and Windows XP Home Edition, created for home users.
Other editions of Windows XP include specialized hardware and limited-feature versions sold in Europe and to some other countries.

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