Types of Networks

There are several network types which are discussed as

Local area network (LAN) It is a group of computers in a small geographic area, for example in one room, a house, or in one building. If you have more than one computer in your home that shares an Internet connection, they would be considered a LAN.

Wide area network (WAN) – It is usually two or more LANs connected together. This covers a larger geographic area and requires the services of a telecommunications provider or ISP.

Workgroup– It is a logical grouping of computers. Also called peer-to-peer, is a small group of computers, often ten or less, to share same network name. No one computer controls the network, and all systems are considered equal.

Domain – It is a logical grouping of computers. In it one or more computers have control of network so, centralized administration. They have name and called as client/server networks.

In computer name changes window present in System Properties window, we can change the name of the workgroup, join new workgroups, or join domains.

Virtual private network (VPN) – They were developed so that persons on move can connect to office network from a remote location and appear as if use is at the LAN in the office. They are superior to older dial-up connections by using faster connections like cable and DSL.

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