TV Tuner Cards

A TV tuner card enables PC to capture and display television signal with remote control. Card port gets input from TV coaxial cable wire to view television on PC monitor. It converts the analog or digital TV signal to digital and can also act as video capture card to capture TV signal and save it to a file. Captured video can be saved as motion clips or stills, and then edited. TV tuner cards come in PCI or PCI Express bus and PCMCIA, or USB devices. Some motherboard and notebook have inbuilt TV tuners. They are of two types

Internal TV tuner card – They are mounted on expansion slots on the motherboard inside the chassis usually PCI or PCIe. They use CPU processing power for their operation but can hang the system and generate heat in the chassis.

External TV tuner card – They are a single box out of the chassis connected to PC through audio and video cable.

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