Treasury Policies and Procedures

Working Capital Policy and Procedure: The Working Capital Policy and Procedure describes methods to properly manage the working capital invested to operate the business in areas such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Inventory. This Procedure minimizes working capital while meeting all operational needs. It applies to Finance, Accounting, Sales, and Operations departments.

Cash Management Policy & Procedure: It helps plan, track and direct cash accounts to ensure proper utilization and availability of funds. The procedure provides methods for planned and proper use of cash resources, preventing cash shortfalls, and balancing risk, liquidity, return, and cost of cash accounts. It applies to Finance and Accounting departments.

Inventory Management Policy & Procedure: It minimizes inventory and costs of inventory ownership. The Procedure ensures the best inventory practices are employed and align with overall company financial objectives and meet operational needs. It applies to all departments involved in managing inventories including the Finance, Accounting, Purchasing, Sales and Operations.


Related Party Transactions Policy & Procedure: It ensures that such transactions are in the best interest of the company and in compliance with disclosure requirements. The procedure sets guidelines to avoid potential conflicts of interest and to communicate policies to affected members of the organization. It applies to the Finance Department, Board of Directors, and to all related party transactions.

Foreign Exchange Management Policy & Procedure: It ensures thoughtful and intelligent decisions are made about foreign currency exchange. The procedure minimizes the associated risk of less than expected returns or higher than expected costs due to fluctuations in exchange rates. The procedure applies to the Finance and Accounting departments.

Managing Bank Relationship Policy & Procedure: The Managing Bank Relationships Policy and Procedure ensures the company is maximizing the benefits of its bank-business relationship. The procedure illustrates how to take advantage of useful banking services and accounts and maximize return on bank-held assets while minimizing the cost of banking. This procedure applies to the Finance Department.

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