Training Delivery Methods

Training Delivery Methods

Training Delivery Methods– Methods For each of the following situations, determine, as a group, which training delivery method(s) best suits each situation. At the conclusion of the group meeting, have one or two members share the group’s findings with the rest of the class.

  • You have a co-worker who is considered to be the department’s “Local Area Expert” in Filemaker Pro, in addition to you. A new version of Filemaker Pro hits the market. As the department’s support provider, it is your job to teach the new features of the new version to your co-worker. After all, if there are two of you that know the application’s new features, your department will have more resources available when they have questions on the new 194 version. What delivery method(s) would work best in this situation? Why?
  • Your whole department is moving from Macs to Wintel machines and is getting new equipment during the summer months while the student population is on break. You plan on introducing the new equipment to one workgroup at a time to minimize the confusion.
  • Not only do you and your department’s other support techs have to set up the new equipment, but you are responsible for training your users in the use of the new equipment, operating systems and applications. What training delivery method(s) would you and your co-workers use in this situation? How would you implement the training? Explain your reasoning.
  • You have a number of co-workers in your department who need to learn Microsoft Access. Their time is limited due to work schedule constraints and the cost of bringing in a vendor to do the training is high. It is your job to determine the best way to minimize the cost of the training while coordinating the training around demanding work schedules. By the way, you happen to be an Access Power User. How would you deliver this training?

You support a department that has never really devoted resources to training (sound familiar??). Your users have varying skill levels and need training on a variety of applications. You have done need assessment and have determined that your users need training in Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Traditional classroom training is not an option since it would mean running several sessions of each topic for a small number of people. What would be your training plan for this department?

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