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Training Aids – Purpose

The purpose of training aid is decreasing constantly due to the increase in the development of science and technology. This greatly affect the learning and training aid programs. However, nothing can replace the need and purpose of training aids. Training aids play a very important role in training and learning process.

Some of the main purposes of training aids are:

1) Every individual has the tendency to forget and to help them to remember more concepts permanently, training aids are very essential. Training aids help the trainee to get more time to and make learning permanent.

2) Motivation can help the students to learn better. When you motivate the students properly through different training aids they put more efforts into learning.

3) Training aids provide correct model for theoretical philosophy. They also provide a clear image of the subjects easily.

4) Training aids create an interesting environment of interest for the students. Live and active training aids make the atmosphere alive.

5) Training aids help to increase the vocabulary of the students effectively.

6) They also provide a direct experience to the students through practical training activities.

Training Aids - Purpose

Different types of training aids are classified as follows-

1) Visual Aids- The aids that use vision senses are known as visual aids. For example- real objects, models, pictures, charts, flash cards, black board, chalkboard, chalks, slides etc.

2) Audio Aids- The aids that involve the hearing sense are known as audio aids. For example- radio, tape recorder, etc.

3) Audio-Visual Aids- The aids that involve both- the sense of vision and the sense of hearing are called Audio-Visual aids. For example- television, film projector, etc.


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