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Tracking employee performance

Augment your proficiency to monitor your workforce along with support of Time America’s awarded software for employee tracking of time and attendance which can presents a live report from your web browser called the XactTime Status Board. This report can tell you the live status of any employee. Striking features of this labor tracking software make you realize how important it is to keep an eye on the performance of your companies workforce from clock ins, lunch time, clock outs and other work interrupting moments, these are all key performance indicators. You may also observe initial or final punches by your employees simultaneously tracking their attendance with active involvement of this software application. If your labor commits attendance violations, this software will promptly detect him and deliver an automatic report to you.

Biometric Fingerprint & Facial Recognition – Authentic Software for Employee Tracking

Every possible tracking strategy is applicable with biometric fingerprint software that keeps you in touch with web-based reports regarding your employees. You can manage activities comprising schedule of your labor force with precise details. Time America unveils dynamic scheduling making it in accordance with your integrated workforce presence portfolio and it represents harmony between employee tracking and payroll. Partnership of Time America with Celayix assures for authentic management record supply including worker’s criterion, expertise, departments, rank and experience. Once there is superficially created report in Celayix and it automatically transfers to into GENESIS our enterprise time and attenance system.

High-tech advancement of technology promises for completely secured control over business management with effective implementation of incorporated software. Recently boosted tracking technology is accessible through this software and you can utilize its compatibility with your professional requirements. With mainstream light of this software, you can recognize every individual worker with facial detection with the TA805 facial recognition. Your other approach is to observe environmental conditions of your employees because their fingerprints can be effected by their surroundings.

Employee Attendance Tracking

Just as critical to the employee management process is employee attendance tracking. This includes logging and tracking general employee attendance or absenteeism including paid time off, vacation time, flex time, sick days, personal days, floaters, etc. For the typical business manager with a team of employees, accurately tracking and monitoringemployee attendance without an automated software system in place can be challenging, if not impossible. While specific solutions exist for this, such as time sheets, time clocks, etc., they typically fail to include other functions such as employee review and evaluation tracking, so critical to the workforce management process as a whole.

The task of ensuring optimal employee performance typically defaults to the business or line manager. The problem here is that most managers are already consumed, if not overwhelmed, with their own day-to-day operational responsibilities. Fortunately there are solutions like ManagerAssistant and HRweb, a new breed of employee management software that makes it easier for everyday managers to effectively take control, manage and optimize the performance and behavior of their employees.

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