The Printing Process

The printing process consists of steps printer must follow in order to print the data and which are

  • Printing process starts with click of Print button.
  • Application software printing from sends the data to be printed to the printer driver.
  • Printer driver uses a page-description language to convert the data into format that the printer can understand and check about the printer being ready to print.
  • Printer driver sends the data to the printer via connector (parallel, USB, network, and so on).
  • Printer spools data and stores it in its onboard buffer.
  • If the printer is ready to print, the control circuitry activates the paper-feed mechanism to feed in paper sheet and the paper feed sensor, stops the feed until the printhead is in the right position.
  • In case of error the Out of Paper light is turned on and a message is sent to the computer.
  • If the paper is positioned properly, the printhead move across the page, printing on the page.
  • As the page is finished, the eject motor ejects the page from the printer into the output tray. If more pages need to print, printing the next page begins again.
  • If printing is complete the printhead is parked into rest position and the print process is finished.

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