Printer Types

Printers are classified by the printer technology they use and numerous technologies have been.

developed over the years. Technologies are capable of different levels of image or text quality, print speed, low cost and noise. Printers are usually classified by the following basis

Print Quality: The output produced by printers is said to be either letter quality (as good as a typewriter), near letter quality, or draft quality. Only ink-jet and laser printers produce letter-quality type and dot-matrix printer claim letter-quality print.

Speed: Measured in characters per second (cps) or pages per minute (ppm), the speed of printers.

varies widely. Dot-matrix printers can print up to 500 cps, and laser from 4 to 20 ppm.

Impact or non-impact: Impact printers work by striking an ink ribbon. Dot-matrix and line printers are impact printers. Non-impact printers include laser printers and ink-jet printers. Impact printers are much noisier.

Fonts: Some printers, like dot-matrix printers, are limited to one or a few fonts. But, laser and ink-jet printers are capable of printing unlimited variety of fonts.

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