Spam-Proofing E-Mail Links

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Programs called mail harvesters search the Web looking for e-mail addresses to send spam. Hence, e-mail address given in the link can be picked by the harvester program on list of potential spam due to the at symbol (@) in e-mail address. Spam-proofing e-mail address needs not displaying an @ symbol which can be done by

Using [at] – It is quick and pure-text way to avoid displaying ‘@’ symbol so that visitors can still get e-mail address, but the harvesting programs does not. E-mail address will be like


But this technique only works for display of the e-mail address, and not linking to it.

Using image – A graphic @ symbol is used so, visitors see the e-mail address but e-mail harvesters do not. But this technique also is used for displaying and not linking.

Using Character Code – In it @ symbol and period is replaced with their decimal equivalents like the ‘[email protected]’ is like

The ‘@’ is the decimal equivalent of the @ symbol and . is the equivalent of a period. The complete a tag using this technique is

<a href=”mailto:me&#64;home&#46;com”>

E-mail programs accept these decimal characters and will replace them with the appropriate equivalents when preparing the actual e-mail hence this technique not only shows but also links the e-mail address

Using Script Code – It hides the e-mail address by scripting language like JavaScript.

When displayed in a browser, this script prints “E-mail Me” and links it to e-mail address but never displaying the complete e-mail address.

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