Roles and Responsibilities of an Equity Research Analyst

The equity research analyst is responsible for analyzing the market ups and downs and prepares investment plans accordingly. Along with this, the equity research associate is also responsible for following other important duties,

  • Researching market financial conditions
  • Preparing the financial models and statistics
  • Updating the statistical data and financial models
  • Performing security analysis using financial models and statistics
  • Interact with organizations, companies, and clients and solve problems if any
  • Documenting internal and external reports
  • Communicate with counterparts regarding investment ideas, opinions, security analysis, etc.
  • Develop and maintain information to assist in analysis activities
  • Undertaking researches by conducting field trips and meeting company executives
  • Formulate investment ideas and recommendations to the clients
  • Industry analysis to evaluate relevant industry trends
  • Develop market study materials for clients

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