Regulations and compliance

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Regulations and compliance

Ecommerce Regulations

The Ecommerce Regulations (full title: The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002) are another example of website regulations which emanate from the EU.

Amongst other things, the E commerce Regulations require that ecommerce websites make available to buyers certain information such as name, geographic address, contact details, VAT number etc.

In one sense, the Ecommerce Regulations simplify web regulation in that UK traders are released from having to comply with some regulations in other European Economic Area countries – but this excludes certain areas such as consumer contracts.

In the case of a breach of the Ecommerce Regulations, customers can cancel their orders, seek court orders requiring compliance and sue for damages for breach of statutory duty if they have suffered loss.

Regulations – compliance

To comply with regulations, your website should display:

  1. terms and conditions that your customers can print off
  2. your business name, address and other contact details including an email address
  3. your VAT number, if applicable
  4. details of any professional body you’re registered with
  5. details of any publicly available register in which you are entered plus your registration number
  6. prices that are clear and indicate whether they include tax and delivery
  7. the card logos for all card types you accept along with the ‘Powered by WorldPay’ logo

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