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Assessment of Self

Employee’s thoughts about performance are an important part of the Performance Appraisal Process. Self-assessments are an important part of the performance appraisal process and with good reason. Supervisors cannot possibly remember everything the employee accomplished throughout the year. By asking the employee to provide inputs into the self evaluation, it reminds the supervisor about all the things he achieved with timelines. The purpose of the Employee Self Appraisal form is to obtain the employee’s comments regarding job strengths, developmental needs, and actions that might be taken to improve performance. It serves a genuine purpose and, when properly handled, can help further the employee’s career.

The self-evaluation allows employees to frame the conversation and set the tone for the discussion forward. Their comments should also provide an opening to discuss performance development including areas of needed improvement and resources available for improving those areas. It may also provide supervisors with insight regarding things affecting their work environment, contributions they feel they have made, and suggestions for changes and improvements.

Asking your employee to complete the self appraisal prior to the appraisal interview and to bring it to the interview is an integral component of the appraisal interview.

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