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Disadvantages of Performance Appraisal

Conducted traditionally, employee performance evaluation is globally detested by supervisors and employees. Supervisors and employees might come to dread performance-appraisal season. Although performance-appraisal systems offer several benefits, there can be disadvantages to the systems and the manner in which they’re used.

  • Negative Approach: Supervisors might feel the time it takes to prepare an employee’s performance appraisal could be better spent on other job tasks. Small businesses often have to make do with limited staff or a smaller workforce. This puts supervisors in a bind when they have to devote too much time to preparing for an employee appraisal. Employees might fear receiving an appraisal that contains mostly neutral or negative feedback about their performance.
  • Hostile work environment: Post-appraisal interaction between a supervisor and employee can be tense. Particularly it happens when the employee believes he was rated unfairly. The tense interaction between supervisors and employees is likely to be heightened because of the close proximity within which employees and supervisors often work in a small business setting.
  • Supervisor Bias: Biases can destroy the integrity of the performance-appraisal system. Biases occur when supervisors overlook poor employee performance during the early part of an evaluation period and focus solely on the most recent performance. Supervisor bias can occur when supervisors feel it’s too much work to produce a quality performance appraisal, resulting in a less than properly constructed appraisal.
  • Timeliness: Performance appraisals don’t always receive the priority they deserve. Employees must receive timely feedback to learn whether they’re performing their job functions according to expectations. Employees might not realize how they can improve their processes or their behaviors and attitudes about work if formal feedback is absent in a performance – appraisal system.

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