Objectives of Investment


While no investment option is completely safe, there are products that are preferred by investors who are risk averse. Some individuals invest with an objective of keeping their money safe, irrespective of the rate of return they receive on their capital. Such near-safe products include fixed deposits, savings accounts, government bonds, etc.


While safety is an important objective for many investors, a majority of them invest to receive capital gains, which means that they want the invested amount to grow. There are several options in the market that offer this benefit. These include stocks, mutual funds, gold, property, commodities, etc. It is important to note that capital gains attract taxes, the percentage of which varies according to the number of years of investment.


Some individuals invest with the objective of generating a second source of income. Consequently, they invest in products that offer returns regularly like bank fixed deposits, corporate and government bonds, etc.

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Types of Portfolio and Policies
Investment Time Horizon

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