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Job Structure and Job Description

The job structure provides a description of the tasks, level of responsibility and qualification requirements relating to jobs which form part of the organization.

Job description highlights on the nature of job, duties and responsibilities of a specific job before the post is advertised. This type of document is very specific in nature and constitutes all those facts related to the job.

  • Title / Designation of job
  • Location of employment
  • Duties and responsibilities to be performed
  • Necessary and desirous qualification
  • Relationship of that job with other jobs in concern
  • The work environment required in performance of that job

Job specification

Job specification focuses on minimum acceptable human traits which are required to perform a job. It transfers the job description into human qualifications in order to have better performance. It helps to get right man for a right position. The principles are,

  • Title and designation of job
  • Academic qualification for the job
  • Physical and other related features
  • Mental and physical health
  • Special traits and abilities
  • Interrelatedness of the jobs
  • Reliability and maturity

Merits of Job Specification

  • It helps during the preliminary screening in the selection procedure
  • It provides equal justice to each job.
  • Designing training and development programs become very easy.
  • Supervisor can counsel and monitor the performance of the employees.
  • Job evaluation becomes very easy.
  • Management finds easy to decide promotion, transfers and incentives to the employees.

The above advantages highlight that job analysis is very important . Job description and job specification are important for every personnel manager in personnel management function. Thus it is considered as the basic tool of personnel management.

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