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Apple iPhones are one of the best available smart phones in the current World market. iPhone apps are witnessing tremendous growth in the recent years. Many iPhone apps are available for download , ready for use and many new ones are emerging. Millions of users are happy and are enjoying using it. P2Cinfotech is introducing iPhone App. development online training course for all  those who are fascinated and are interested in learning  iPhone App development. This course is carefully designed for beginners and as well as professionals. This course will offer you, all the essential  features of the iPhone App. development, right from the scratch and till its deployment. P2Cinfotech always believes in the best and delivers the best. With Certified Professionals and talented pool of resources we have carefully designed the course that covers the soul and heart of iPhone app development. This course will be of great interest to Software professionals who develop applications for mobile phones, mainly iPhones. The course is intended for all and to the students in particular, who want to learn iPhone app development and pursue their career in it. Many people make a lot of money from developing high quality apps for the iPhone.


In this course, you learn how to get started building robust iPhone and iPad applications using the iOS SDK. You gain the skills to design and test user interfaces with Interface Builder and the Simulator, display data effectively with interactive table views, and combine navigation controllers and tab bars to provide a multifunctional user interface.

MinimalDev 2

Selecting Hardware

A minimally sufficient development environment for iOS applications is composed of just an Intel based Mac. Owning an iPhone, iPod, or iPad is optional, but extremely helpful.

If you are looking for the absolute best hardware to use for developing for iOS, it’s easy to say “get the top of the line Power Mac with all the options you can”. But for most of us (myself included), there’s going to be a cost constraint when selecting the development hardware that you use. The absolute minimum hardware configuration that you need will be an Intel based Mac running Snow Leopard. The least expensive Mac that you can purchase new is the Mac Mini. Compared to the price of the lowest cost PC that you can purchase, the Mac Mini will look quite pricy. But I’d suggest shelling out a little more money to get a portable computer. With the Mac Mini, you’ll be confined to developing when you are in the room in which it is setup. With one of the Mac Books, you might also find yourself developing when you are relaxing in front of the TV or in some other comfortable spot.

Depending on your needs, if you find that you don’t need the latest version of the iPhone for your intended applications, it’s a good idea to shop around for bargains when Apple is releasing either a new iPhone or new Macs. I was able to acquire an inexpensive iPhone from some one else that was upgrading, and found a Mac Mini on sale from a store that was clearing their shelves for newer units. (I’ve since then moved onto a Mac Book Pro after wanting to be able to develop from other rooms in the house.)

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