Although “social” includes the collective, it will not necessarily show a flurry of men visiting a social media news site for women, and thus, the railroad and train videos and photos may not be an ideal fit for these users. When setting community-oriented goals for social media marketing, study the scenario and try to get an idea of the kind of content potential customers will be receptive to.

One needs to know his target audience, the kind of people likely to buy a product or service. The target audience has wants and outside the product offering one provides, so it is in one’s best interest at this time to study these and see exactly how one can target the social media marketing campaign for maximum return. Understanding the communities where your target audience likes to congregate and understanding the rules of engagement in those communities is critical to success of the marketing campaign.

One should monitor and participate in the conversations where community members congregate like bogs, forums and social networking site. It is important to listen before engaging. Listening will also help you develop your strategy.  Develop regularly and how they relate to your business. If target audience consists of graphic designers who could benefit from applications that embed directly into the Google Chrome browser, you can compile a list of the best tools for all graphic designers.