Social media is everywhere these days: we see companies employing social media advertising on commercials, radio, billboards, websites, and even on our cell phones and other mobile devices.  We see logos for Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr at the bottom of hundreds of websites.  We are asked to subscribe to blogs, become fans, friends, share, and connect in countless ways, but how is this social networking actually benefiting us, and are the companies using these platforms seeing measurable results?

Since the list of social media platforms and the variety of advantages and disadvantages to using them can be overwhelming, we’ve decided to take a few that we believe to be most advantageous and describe some of their pros and cons from a business point of view.  It is critical to remember that not every industry should be spending their time and money on some of these platforms, and it is best to analyze just what your desired outcomes are before beginning a social media campaign.  From there, weighing the costs and possible profits of each platform should help narrow down which type of social media program to begin.