We created Blogger to give you an easy way to share your thoughts — about current events, what’s going on in your life, or anything else you’d care to discuss — with the world. We’ve developed a host of features to make blogging as simple and effective as possible.

Getting Started

New! Customise your design

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The Blogger Template Designer has numerous templates to choose from, allowing simplicity toward creating a professional-looking blog. In addition, the Template Designer lets you customise your template. Choose from hundreds of background images, tens of flexible layouts and rearrange widgets through a drag and drop interface. Add gadgets such as slideshows, user polls or even AdSense ads. Changing fonts and colours is easy too. And if that’s not enough control, you can even edit your blog’s CSS and HTML.

Publishing your voice is easy and free

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Creating your blog with Blogger takes just a few easy steps. In a matter of minutes you can start posting text, photos, videos and more to your blog. Post as often as you want; it’s free. Take a look at this article on How to get started or watch the How to create a blog with Blogger video.

Simple-to-use interface

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There are a few basic steps to follow in order to start posting on a blog. The interface lets you change fonts, bold or italicise your text, adjust text colour and alignment and more. As you compose each new blog post, Blogger saves it automatically, without interrupting your typing. There’s also an easy-to-use spellcheck feature and a simple way toadd labels to your posts. In addition, Blogger includes an HTML editor that lets you fully customise the look and feel of your posts.

Your free website

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When you create your blog, you can host it for free on Blog*Spot. Just choose an available URL and you’re ready to go. If you change your mind and want a different URL later, making the change is easy. Blogger also includes acustom domain option; you can have a domain name, such as example.com and we’ll still host your blog there, giving you all of Blogger’s great features.

Add photos and videos to your post

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You can easily add a photo to your blog post by clicking on the image icon in the post editor toolbar. Your photos are then hosted in your free Picasa Web Albums account, where you can order prints and organise photos into albums. Adding a video to your post is just as easy; just click on the film-strip icon on the post editor toolbar to get started. Videos uploaded through Blogger are hosted on Google Video.

More Features

New! Earn money

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With Blogger, you can earn money just by posting high-quality original content on your favourite topics. Blogger has a dedicated Monetise tab that allows you to easily place AdSense ads on your blog.

Develop your community

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Let your readers follow your blog by adding the Followers gadget to your layout. With this gadget, your readers can click the “Follow This Blog” link to add your blog to their Blogger Dashboard and Google Reader account. They also have the option to add their image and profile to your blog to tell the world that they’re a fan.

Feedback from your readers

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It’s easy for readers to leave comments on any of your blog posts, giving you useful, timely feedback. They can leave comments right below the post, in a pop-up window or on a separate page. You can also use Reactions to let your readers quickly provide feedback with just one click.

New post notifications

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Your readers can choose to subscribe to your blog’s feeds, so they’re notified whenever you publish a new blog post. You can also customise what’s shared in your blog’s feed and set up your blog to email new posts automatically to specific email addresses or mailing lists.

One simple ID

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Since you can log in to Blogger with your Google Account — which also gives you access to Google Mail, iGoogle, orkut, etc. — you have one less username and password to remember. Your blog’s address can also be used as anOpenID to give you a single digital identity across the web. Since your blog can accept comments from OpenID users in addition to registered Blogger members, it’ll be easier for all your readers to leave feedback and participate in your conversations.

Languages of the world

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Blogger is currently available in 41 languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Arabic, Hebrew and Persian speakers can use Blogger with Right-to-Left display and formatting. And transliteration is available for five Indic languages.

Advanced Features

New! Pages

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With Blogger’s Pages feature, you can create new pages that are linked from your blog. For example, you can create an “About This Blog” or a “Contact Me” page, in a similar way you write a new blog post, and provide links to those pages as tabs at the top of your blog or in the sidebar.

Posting on the go

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Blogger has many additional ways for you to post to your blog. You can post to your blog from your mobile phone or through a secret Mail-to-Blogger email address. With these options, it’s easy to post to your blog whenever you want, from wherever you may be.

Group blogging

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With Blogger, it’s easy to create a team blog, allowing multiple bloggers to contribute to a single blog. You select which team members have administrative authority and which are authors only. You can also choose to make your blog private and restrict who can view it. This puts you in full control of your blog.

Third-party applications

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You can choose among a host of third-party applications that integrate with Blogger to make it even easier for you to blog. Make sure that you take a look at code.blogger.com if you’re a developer and want to create your own great app.

Even more features…

We’re constantly developing new features for Blogger; take a look at Blogger Buzz to stay on top of all the latest additions and changes. If you want to try some of our experimental features, take a look at Blogger in draft. And if you need more information about any of Blogger’s features, make sure you visit the Blogger Help site or discussion group. To see what others are posting, take a look at Blogs of Note. We hope you like what we’ve created.