Charts allow you to present information contained in the worksheet in a graphic format. Excel offers many types of charts including: Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter and more.  To view the charts available click the Insert Tab on the Ribbon.

Create a Chart

To create a chart:

  • Select the cells that contain the data you want to use in the chart
  • Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon
  • Click the type of Chart you want to create

Modify a Chart

Once you have created a chart you can do several things to modify the chart.

To move the chart:

  • Click the Chart and Drag it another location on the same worksheet, or
  • Click the Move Chart button on the Design tab
  • Choose the desired location (either a new sheet or a current sheet in the workbook)

To change the data included in the chart:

  • Click the Chart
  • Click the Select Data button on the Design tab

To reverse which data are displayed in the rows and columns:

  • Click the Chart
  • Click the Switch Row/Column button on the Design tab

To modify label and titles:

  • Click the Chart
  • Click the Chart Title or the Data Labels button
  • Change the Title and click away

Chart Tools

The Chart Tools appear on the Ribbon when you click on the chart.  The tools are located on three tabs:  Design, Layout, and Format.

  • Within the Design tab you can control the chart layouts, styles, data, type, and location.
  • Within the Format tab you can modify shape styles, word styles and size of the chart.
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