Change Management

Change Management

Change is a constant phenomenon and occurs everywhere every time. Its pace varies from place to place and often from time to time. One needs to make certain adjustments in response to what happens to remain relevant and make the best out of the circumstances.

Six Sigma and Change Management are principles that have been put together by people who have paid great attention to the transformation and have availed their findings and experiences to help with daily requirements.

The six sigma tools on by themselves are focused on how to solve certain issues. In the process of solving problems in an organization, there are necessary alterations which must be effected in the way business is done to correct the identified problem and prevent it from occurring again in future. Six Sigma tools will provide some guidelines on how execute the process.

While it may be easier to identify where a problem is and what needs to be done, getting the staff involved and affected to appreciate the need to start doing things differently can be challenging. Many people see mistakes in others and what they do but would rarely accept to look inwards and see their own failures.

It is natural to seek comfort and this happens whenever one feels settled in his or her environment. In places of work, employees feel comfortable once they have mastered how operations and procedures move. Getting them to start doing things differently is often not welcome because it disturbs the equilibrium.

The Six Sigma Process recognizes the difficulties faced by those initiating reforms. Particular emphasis is therefore being put on getting the people who are involved in operations restructured in order to appreciate the need for such processes and the associated benefits. This determines how fast new programs and initiatives can be implemented.

Six Sigma and Change Management techniques will provides effective means of communicating to the staff involved that the alterations to be made are necessary if the operations are to cope with emerging challenges and does not imply anything on their character and or performance.

When employees comprehend that the success of the business depends on its ability to adapt and conform to what happens in their surrounding then they will also acknowledge that the security of their jobs cannot be guaranteed unless there are reforms or restructuring. This will contribute towards making the work and process of implementing new strategies like Six Sigma easier.

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