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The demand for Certified Environment Law Analyst is accelerating given the increased public awareness and interest. Organisations are on a lookout for certified professionals to help them comply to the environmental laws. Also, due to implementation of new, complex laws and regulations the need for Certified Environment Law Analyst is high. This certification helps you elevate your career by validating your knowledge and expertise.

Role and Responsibilities of a Environment Law Analyst

A Certified Environment Law Analyst determines the environmental impact of their companies policies and practices. They have to ensure regulatory compliance with the environmental laws. Also, they are responsible for:

  • Firstly, collecting and interpreting data and analysing the impact
  • Then, using scientific principles to minimise the negative influence and creating solutions
  • Also, develop alternative solutions to environmental hazards
  • Moreover, recommending policy creators about the solutions and impact

Vskills Certified Environment Law Analyst : Exam Overview

Vskills Certified Environment Law Analyst certification assess the candidates as per company’s need for compliance to environmental laws and assistance in environmental cases. This certification tests the candidates in various areas including industrial pollution, hazardous substances law, legislative measures, enforcement machinery, pollution control boards, national environment tribunal, Indian judiciary, corporate environmental liability and statutory relief .

Who should take this certification?

This certification is designed for professionals who aspire to work in companies specializing in environment protection & legal related services. It is also intended for candidates who are already working in this field and want to validate their skills and expertise.

Why become a Vskills Certified Environment Law Analyst?

A Vskills Certified Environment Law Analyst is a much valued credential makes your academic records shine. It helps you broaden your employment opportunities and helps you grab higher paying jobs. Also, various public and private companies hire these analyst for their legal department. The major recruiters of Vskills Certified Environment Law Analysts are MNCs like Yamaha Motors, Samsung, KPMG, PwC, E&Y. Moreover, earning a Vskills Certification guarantees the following:

  • Firstly, a Government verification tag
  • Also, this certification will have lifetime validity.
  • Further, you will get Lifelong e-learning access.
  • Moreover, you get access to Free Practice Tests.
  • Additionally, You will get tagged as ‘Vskills Certified’ On Monsterindia.com and ‘Vskills Certified’ On Shine.com.

Exam Details

  • Exam Code: VS-1156
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • No. of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50
  • Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking
  • This is an Online exam

Exam Process

exam process

Course Outline: Certified Environment Law Analyst

This exam covers the following topics:


  •  Environmental Crisis
  •  Environmental Imperatives 
  •  Constitutional Response to International Urge

 Industrial Pollution

  •  Magnitude of the Problem
  •  Hazardous Industries and Environmental Pollution
  •  Industrial Pollution and Health Hazards

 Legal Control of Hazardous Substances and Process

  •  Proliferation of Chemicals
  •  Law Relating to Hazardous Substances
  •  Legal Control of Hazardous Processes
  •  Rules on Hazardous Substances

 Law Relating to Water Pollution

  •  Water Pollution
  •  Civil Law Actions
  •  Legislative Measures
  •  The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 

 Industrial Air Pollution and Law

  •  Industrialization and Air Pollution
  •  Civil Law Actions
  •  Statutory Provisions

 Enforcement Machinery

  •  Administrative Efforts to Combat the Hazards of Pollution
  •  Central Pollution Control Board
  •  State Pollution Control Boards
  •  Supreme Court Decisions and the Directions
  •  Pollution Control in Highly Polluting Industries
  •  Coordination Activities of Pollution Control Boards
  •  Penal Provisions and Effectiveness of Enforcement Machinery
  •  Financial Constraints and Assistance
  •  The National Environment Tribunal

 Environmental Issues and Judicial Trend

  •  Environmental Pollution and Courts’ Concern
  •  Public Nuisance Environmental Hazards
  •  Right to Wholesome Environment and Ecological Balance
  •  Right to Carry on Trade vis-a-vis Duty to Protect Environment
  •  Right to Information about Hazardous Installations
  •  Public Access to Environmental Justice
  •  Doctrine of Mass Justice and Emergence of Public Interest Litigation
  •  Public Interest Litigation and Access to Environmental Justice
  •  Role of Indian Judiciary
  •  Environmental Concerns of the Indian High Courts
  •  Basis for Entertaining the Environmental Petitions
  •  Liberalized Standing Rules vis-a-vis Restraints on Public Interest Petitions
  •  Conclusion

 Corporate Environmental Liability

  •  Tortuous Liability for Pollution Accidents
  •  Pollution Accidents and Victim
  •  Rules of Strict and Victims
  •  Rules of Strict and Absolute Liability
  •  Responsibility of Executives
  •  Quantification of Compensation
  •  Bhopal Settlement
  •  Bhopal Act

 Statutory Relief for Pollution Victims

  •  Public Liability Insurance Act
  •  Liability of the Owner
  •  Settlement of Claims
  •  Environment Relief Fund
  •  Limitation and Scale of Relief
  •  Regulatory and Penal Provisions
  •  Advisory Committee   

Preparatory Guide for Certified Environment Law Analyst

Now that we have all the details in hand lets move further and gather all expert resources to begin our preparation. This preparatory guide is designed to set you on the right track. Follow the guide to kick start your preparations and achieve this much valued credential.

Certified Environment Law Analyst preparatory guide

Start with the Exam Objectives

You should always start your preparations by analysing the exam objectives. Course Outline is the most crucial part of the examination. It covers descriptive details about the exam objectives This is to help candidates prepare for the exam by identifying specific content within each topic that may be tested. This certification exam includes the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Industrial Pollution
  • Legal Control of Hazardous Substances and Process
  • Law Relating to Water Pollution
  • Industrial Air Pollution and Law
  • Enforcement Machinery
  • Environmental Issues and Judicial Trend
  • Corporate Environmental Liability
  • Statutory Relief for Pollution Victims

Explore the right learning resources

You should be very careful while choosing the resources as they will determine actually how well you will pass the exam. There are numerous resources that can be used for preparation. Making a wise choice is often difficult. Vskills offers you its own E-Learning and Study material to assist your preparations Moreover, it offers lifetime access to these resources. Also, they are constantly updated to provide you with the latest exam updates. Vskills also offers candidates their hard copy material that will help them in improving skills and enriching their knowledge.

Refer: Vskills Certified Environmental Lawa Sample Chapter

Environmental Law
Environmental Law

Books your Ultimate Rescue

Books have been the go-to resource while preparing for exams. Books offer comprehensive information about the exam. Also, they provide detailed explanation of the exam concepts. Moreover, you can find real-time examples of the different concepts covered in this exam. You should refer the right books to gain in depth knowledge about the exam concepts. Therefore, select relevant and credible books by expert authors for your exam preparations. Here are some books that you should include in your preparation journey:

  • Environmental Law by Sukanta K. Nanda
  • Environmental Law in India by  P. Leelakrishnan
  • Environmental Law by SC Tripathi

Self-Evaluate with Practice Tests

Your practice is an important determiner of how well you pass the exam. Also, Take as many practice tests and test series as you can. They will help you in determining the level of your preparation, identify your loopholes and identify the weak portions you need to work more upon. The more often you sit for a practice test, the more natural it will feel the day of the actual test. . Moreover, attempting multiple practice tests will boost your confidence. Try outperforming yourself with each subsequent test. Get Ready to Self Evaluate your preparations with Practice Tests!

Certified Environment Law Analyst free practice tests
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Enhance your skills and knowledge and become Certified Environment Law Analyst. Start Preparing Now!

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