Certified Elasticsearch Professional

Certified Elasticsearch Professional exam guide

An Elasticsearch Professional works on building ElasticCluster, install and configure large plugins. To add on, you required lots of skills, knowledge, and professional experience to become a successful Elasticsearch Professional. The Vskills Certified Elasticsearch Professional is designed to help you develop all the required skills. Also, this certification will help you get better job opportunities. Let us know more about the certification.

Vskills Certified Elasticsearch Professional

The Vskills Certified Elasticsearch Professional is designed for web developers, programmers, and graduates wanting to excel in web application development areas. After completing this certification, you will have a firm understanding of all the fundamentals of ElasticSearch, along with knowledge of practical real-world usage. You will acquire knowledge about the Dichotomy of ElasticSearch, and also you will be able to power your searches with DSL.

Roles and Responsibilities

As an Elasticsearch Professional, you will be working with the Lucene library. To add on, you will be responsible for guiding your team members and assisting them in the projects. Also, since Elasticsearch is a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents, therefore, you will be required to be well-versed with the tools and software.

Benefits of the Certification

  • Job seekers looking to IT or software development departments of various companies, students generally wanting to improve their skill set and make their CV stronger, and existing employees looking for a better role can prove their employers the value of their skills through this certification. 
  • To add on, this certification will be a great addition to your existing career. This will help you achieve great and heights and it will increase your chances of getting a promotion.

Vskills being India’s largest certification provider gives candidates access to top exams as well as provides after exam benefits. This includes:

  • Become a Government Certified Professional.
  • The Certification is valid for life.
  • Candidates will get lifelong e-learning access.
  • Access to free Practice Tests.

Test Details

  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number  of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50
  • Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking in this module
  • It is an online examination
Certified Elasticsearch Professional exam details

Course Outline

The Vskills Certified Elasticsearch Professional covers the following topics –

Getting Started with ElasticSearch
  • The Course Overview
  • What Is ElasticSearch?
  • Installing ElasticSearch
  • Goal of ElasticSearch
  • What’s New in Version 5.0?
  • Why Use ElasticSearch?
Dichotomy of ElasticSearch
  • What Is an Index?
  • Documents in ElasticSearch
  • What Is a Cluster?
  • Setting Shards and Replicas
Get Going with Documents and Indices
  • Adding and Deleting an Index
  • Adding and Deleting Documents
  • Using Bulk API
Querying with RESTful API
  • Introduction to REST API
  • Using REST API to Search
  • Using REST API to Update
Power Your Searches with DSL
  • Introduction to DSL
  • Understanding DSL
  • Term Queries and Boosting
  • Range Query
  • Exist Query
  • Aggregation Based Analytics
  • Aggregations: Implementation
What ElasticSearch is NOT
  • Myths about ElasticSearch
Getting More with ElasticStack
  • What Is ElasticStack?
  • Kibana
  • Logstash
  • X-Pack
  • Beats
Apache Log Analysis
  • Preparing for Log Analysis
  • Running Log Analysis
Advanced ElasticSearch Queries
  • Sorting in ElasticSearch
  • Geo Searching
  • Getting into Synonyms
ElasticSearch versus Apache Solr
  • Choosing between ElasticSearch and Apache Solr

Preparatory Guide for Certified Elasticsearch Professional

Our team has curated this guide to help you excel in your certification Let’s discuss step by step for better preparation and better opportunities.

Preparatory Guide for Certified Elasticsearch Professional

Exam Objectives

The course domains and modules act as a blueprint for the exam. This will help candidates to easily start preparing for the exam. Also, for the Vskills Certified Elasticsearch Professional, the exam topics to refer to are:

  • Getting Started with ElasticSearch
  • Dichotomy of ElasticSearch
  • Get Going with Documents and Indices
  • Querying with RESTful API
  • Power Your Searches with DSL
  • What ElasticSearch is NOT
  • Getting More with ElasticStack
  • Apache Log Analysis
  • Advanced ElasticSearch Queries
  • ElasticSearch versus Apache Solr

Vskills E-Learning

For the Vskills Certified Elasticsearch Professional examination, our team has provided online study material. Also, this online material is regularly updated. Furthermore, e-learning is bundled with hard copy material which helps candidates to improve and update the learning curve for superior and better opportunities.

Books your Best Friends

While looking out for reference books, we often get confused about which one to choose from. To ease out your hunt for books we have provided a list of books which you can refer to:

  • ElasticSearch Server Second Edition by  Marek Rogozinski and Rafal Kuc
  • Learning Elasticsearch Structured and unstructured data using distributed real-time search and analytics by Abhishek Andhavarapu

Evaluate yourself with Practice Test

After studying for the examination, it is important to practice sample papers. Practicing sample test will help you analyze your weak areas and strengths. Moreover, you will be able to improve your answering skills that will result in saving a lot of time. So, make sure to find the best practice sources. Practice and get certified now!

Certified Elasticsearch Professional free practice test

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