App Stores

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App Stores

App Store is also called as application store or app marketplace, is an online portal through which software programs are made available for download and use. It is an digital distribution marketplace.

Most of mobile operating system companies like Apple, Google, BlackBerry and Microsoft, are running their own application stores, where applications developed for their software platform which runs on the mobile devices, are available. Applications available on an application store may be free or to be paid for. As application stores are run by mobile operating system companies, they charge a percentage of revenue generated by sale of the application which is hosted and sold on their app stores.

The app stores provide developers access to vast market of mobile devices which are running the specific mobile operating system which was not possible in desktop based software applications. By sharing a percentage of revenue, developers are provided latest updates, access to new versions and many more benefits by the app store companies. Apple app store is the most prevalent and targeted for mobile application development due to wide reach of iOS based devices like iPhone and iPad.

There are also several third-party app stores in operation like the Amazon Appstore for Android and Cydia for jailbroken iOS Apple devices.

The app store concept became popular with the rise of smart phones and tablets, but it has since expanded to Web browsers and desktop operating systems also as the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers have their own app or plug-in stores, where users can install Web-based applications. Mac OS X and Windows 8 desktop applications are also available through app stores.

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