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Futures TradingFutures Trading

It is the trading of financial items which involves various futures like stocks, T-bills, etc. Contracts are done at an agreed prices at present but the sale or purchase will occur at a future date.

Finance professionals engaged in trading or financial traders  are actively involved in trading of futures. They have to comply to international and country specific laws. to prevent any misuse of the system.

Various tests on Futures Exchanges, Options Exchanges, Hedgers, Speculators, Arbitrageurs, Value at Risk (VaR), Types of Orders, Pricing of Futures Contracts, Hedging, Short -Term and Long-Term Interest Rate Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures and Stock Index Futures, are present.

The Futures Trading quizzes covers all topics like futures contract buyer, over-the-counter derivatives,exchange-traded derivative,etc . The free online practice tests are MCQs for practice and knowledge assessment.

Take Futures Trading practice test today. The practice test will also enable you to get Vskills Certification in Futures Trading.

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