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Learning Through QA

How to improve your learning?

Vskills follows a questions based approach to learning, with strong belief that vocational and work-related skills are best acquired when we question real life situations.

You will agree that a simple learning example that water turns into ice at 0 degrees is nothing but an answer to the question  - 'At what temperature does water freeze?'

"Thinking is not driven by answers but by questions."

You can only improve your learning by answering questions directly to help you learn and explore for solution.

Taking a quiz gives your brain retrieval practice, and so helps you retrieve it again when you need it.

How will the tests help you improve?

Mediated (or indirect) effects where questioning indirectly impact learning

  • Quizzes give feedback that helps in advanced learning.
  • Assessments direct the learners to identify weak areas where more learning is needed.

Unmediated (or direct) effects where questioning directly helps learning.

  • Actually answering questions gives you retrieval practice and makes things you answer easier to recall later.
  • Scientific evidence suggests that if you study something and take a quiz or test, you retain it better than if you just study.