Service Quality

Service Quality Interview questions. We have listed some important interview questions on Service Quality to help you for your next job interview in Service Quality.

Q.1 Who proposed 14 point to help management for quality management?
W. Edwards Deming proposed 14 point to help management for quality management
Q.2 Who proposed 10 steps to quality improvement?
Joseph M. Juran proposed 10 steps to quality improvement
Q.3 Who focused on Zero defects?
Philip B. Crosby focused on Zero defects
Q.4 Who developed six sigma?
Motorola developed six sigma in 1986. The idea of Six Sigma is to improve quality of the processes so that the number of defects becomes very less.
Q.5 What is the goal of six sigma?
Here are the goals of six sigma.
1. Reduce variation
2. minimize defects
3. shorten the cycle time
Q.6 What does the term M refers in DMAIC?
It refers to Measure
Q.7 Who was the founder of the control chart ?
The control chart was invented by Walter A. Shewhart working for Bell Labs in the 1920s.
Q.8 What is the first step of ROQ analysis ?
The first step is Preliminary Information Gathering
Q.9 What kind of customer service systems have you used so far?
Indeed there are a lot of customer support systems out there. Some of the most common ones include Zendesk, Freshdesk, (owned by Salesforce), Zoho Support, and Jira Service Desk.
Q.10 As a service quality manager, what would you do when a customer highlights an issue with your product or service?
Now this question is asked by the interviewer to give a sense of the candidate’s ability to empathize with a customer. As a good customer service reps and quality manager you should be able to apologize and acknowledge known problems while assuring customers that your team is working on a solution.
Q.11 If you are asked to change any aspect of our product/service, what would you do?
The question specifically encourages the candidate to use their critical thinking skills to rethink about the product or service. Remember that even great products have room for improvement. Sample Answer - I have to say that there is a bit of issue with the user interface. I would suggest to simplify the analyser by including a default setting that would meet most people’s needs. Also the instruction manual is required to be updated as it is a little difficult to follow.
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