Data Entry Operator

Data Entry is one of the jobs which doesn't require any prior experience. We have list down some basic questions that are asked in the interview.

Q.1 What is the primary role of a data entry operator?
The primary role of data entry operator is the to enter data into a computer without any relation to a particular sector.
Q.2 Why do you wish to start your career as a data entry operator?
Since my best asset is my typing speed so I always wanted to take advantage of this asset. Since typing speed is one of the most essential feature for data entry operation profile.
Q.3 What are office tools you prefer using?
Given my profile, as a Data entry operator I am comfortable with the tools that organization wants me to manage company’s information. Most importantly I am proficient in Microsoft Office and MS-Excel.
Q.4 What is WPM?
Since speed is the most vital quality of a good data entry specialist. Words per minute (WPM) has considered as a standard metric for measuring typing speeds.
Q.5 Since data entry is a very repetitive job. What do you do to keep from getting bored or distracted at job?
It is very important for a data entry specialists to stay focused and ensure accuracy, even after several hours of work. Some of the strategies I use include taking short breaks or exchanging data entry with another task for short periods. At times changing the order of input of entries, thereby forcing their brains to focus on each task individually.
Q.6 How do you handle confidential information?
Most of the times data entry operator are expected to work with sensitive or even protected information. Also at times the industry is subject to privacy regulations, therefore DEO are required to ensure compliance with them.
Q.7 How comfortable are you working independently?
As a data entry specialist I have been asked to work independently and also flag any discrepancies such as incomplete info or requiring more information, in general as a data entry operator we are required to resolve minor discrepancies on our own.
Q.8 What is the most difficult task for any business?
The most difficult task is to retain its customer.
Q.9 In Service Industry, every decision depends on the what?
In Service Industry, every decision depends on Customer. Customer is the king here.
Q.10 What must be taken into account for mantaining customer relationship
Following must be while maintaing cutomer relationship 1. needs of your customer 2. about the wants of your customer 3. must take interest in meeting your customer requirement
Q.11 How can you defined Ethics
Unwritten rules of conduct
Q.12 Why is it necessary to possess time management skills
To organize the work in a better manner for improving efficiency
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