Most common questions and answers used to hire in Advertising. We’ve compiled a list of the most common and frequently asked interview questions which will help you to ace your job interview, then checkout these Interview Questions.

Q.1 How would you plan to design and promote an advertising campaign?
An advertising campaign must have the following components - 1. Well defined marketing plan 2. Advertising budget 3. Media buying and planning 4. Selecting the right target audience 5. Identifying relevant advertising medium 6. Well defined campaign theme
Q.2 What according to you are the qualities required to be successful in advertising?
Some of the most important qualities required to be successful in the field of advertising are, 1. Creativity 2. Strategic focus 3. Knowledge and expertise 4. Relevant qualification 5. Market research orientation 6. People skills
Q.3 How will you choose the best media to promote your advertisement?
I will you choose the best media to promote your advertisement by considering the following factors - 1. Market Reach 2. Geographical spread 3. Type of target audience/clusters 4. Successful track records 5. Low budget and high returns
Q.4 What factors should be considered to decide the target audience of your Advertisement?
Some of the factors considered before deciding the target audience for any advertisements are, 1. Age 2. Working class(professionals) 3. Non – working class(Retired/Home makers) 4. Socio economic status 5. Region specific 6. Religion/community
Q.5 What is Deceptive and Unfair Advertisement?
Deceptive advertising also referred as “False Advertising” that equips the consumers with false and misleading information. Where on the other hand Unfair advertising is very dangerous to consumers as it involve legal binding. For instance there is an occurrence of public policy and consumer rights violation in an advertising message, then it is coined as “Unfair advertising”.
Q.6 When is informative advertising used?
Informative advertising is used heavily when introducing a new product category such that the objective is to build primary demand.
Q.7 How did integrated marketing communications (IMC) revolutionize the role of marketing?
Integrated marketing communications (IMC) led to the rapid growth and development of database marketing.
Q.8 Sampling is an appropriate strategy for which type of products?
Sampling is an appropriate strategy for products which are in the introductory stage of the product life cycle.
Q.9 What is the company's next step in developing an advertising program after determining its advertising objectives?
The company's next step in developing an advertising program is to set its advertising budget.
Q.10 What are the guidelines for good copy when developing a print advertisement?
Keep the message clear, simple and concise.
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