Business Communications

Communications is one of the key area while interviewing, you must have strong communication skills to answers the questions correctly, check out the interview questions in Business communication to help you in your preparation.

Q.1 What is the difference between Macro-culture and Micro-culture?
Macro-culture comprises all the arts, beliefs and institutions such as legal, governmental, business, educational and social which characterises an ethnic group, race or nation, while a narrower micro-culture exists within the macro-culture. The micro-culture includes the characteristic attitudes and behaviour operating within a group, an organisation or a nation. Macroculture generally consists of the culture which influences the majority of the people. In United States, macroculture reflects to the traditions of Western Europe. Where a micro-culture could be the aboriginal community within the larger Australian community.
Q.2 What is a marketing communication?
Marketing communication is referred as the efforts made by the seller to convey the message to his buyers and to accept it in retrievable form. The primary point of communication process is persuasion such that it is totally goal oriented. Such that each of its tool consists of specific complexities and potentialities that justify managerial specialization.
Q.3 What do you understand by Interruption Marketing?
We can define interruption marketing as the process of promoting a product by the means of advertising, public relation and sales. Interruption marketing is not suitable every time and depends from one organization to another. It is very much sales directed, so when a organization has limited funds to invest for advertising and wants quick results then interruption marketing is considered as the best option.
Q.4 What do you understand by test marketing?
Test marketing can be defined as the process to test the various variability’s including the elements of the product in a marketing plan. Test marketing projects the actual launching of the whole marketing program but on a limited basis. Test Marketing is the last step before the product is released.
Q.5 What are the different types of marketing research?
The various marketing research are - Field research - Related to the research for a specific purpose, Desk research - Conducted for one purpose initially but gradually it is used to support another goal. Exploratory research - Investigates an assumption Predictive research - To predict any future occurrence Conclusive research - To derive a conclusion of a research process
Q.6 What is Channel error?
If there is disturbance in the phone call, and the detailing cannot be comprehended by the other person it is called channel error.
Q.7 What is paraphrasing in empathic listening?
In empathic listening, paraphrasing refers to restating in your own words the feelings of the speaker.
Q.8 Email is appropriate for which type of messages?
Email is especially appropriate for informative and positive messages.
Q.9 When can an effective communication be achieved?
Effective communication can only be achieved when : (1) The audience is understood (2) Feedback is encouraged (3) Thoughts are organized
Q.10 What are the characteristics of communication?
The characterstis of communication are : (1) It involves a sender and a receiver of information (2) It is successful when the receiver interprets the meaning in the same way as that intended by the sender (3) It would be verbal and non-verbal (4) It is unavoidable
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