Instructional Design

Instructional Design aims to compress the learning process and fill the gaps in our knowledge in the most effective way. As an HR professional you should create a way for the employees to keep themselves updated. Here we have listed some questions and answers that can help you to prepare for a effective HR role.

Q.1 How can you ensure that you can work effectively with Subject Matter Experts (SME)?
In order to have an effective relationship, an instructional designer one must have the capability to work with a wide range of Subject Matter Experts. The SME and instructional designer are required to be on the same page at all times in order to deliver the best content possible. Also these relationships cannot suffer in communication or behaviour.
Q.2 As an instructional designer does your design address different learning abilities?
Indeed as an instructional designer everyone who goes through the course will have a different way of learning which might include some different learning abilities. It is all the more important to ascertain how the designer handles different learning abilities in their design.
Q.3 Share your experience while working in a collaborative environment?
Each team is different, but many instructional design projects depend on more than one individual for successful deployment. Listening to their experiences will give you insight into how they may work out in your particular environment and with your team.
Q.4 Tell me your approach to building a new course
Typically will try to do an analysis, though as primarily an e-learning dev, I am often handed a storyboard. Sometimes I consult on pre-written storyboards, I actually recently got a client to completely rewrite theirs based on my recommendations. Either way, I try to be learner centric and ensure my design will really help them achieve their goals. From there, I typically take a fairly iterative approach. If I am doing the graphic design, I will send the client a few distinctive "looks and feels," and have them choose the elements they like the most. Then I'll develop in pieces and get feedback on each. I seek feedback early and often, and update my clients regularly.
Q.5 What is something innovative that you have done
This wasn't anything crazy innovative, really just about working within restraints while still providing an effective learning solution. I was building e-learning for people who had never used a computer before in a couple of countries in Africa. I still wanted it to be interactive, but simple, so I approached the training like I normally would but in just a very simplified approach. I asked the learners to apply their current knowledge and answer questions to the best of their ability, it was kind of like one long assessment where they learned through feedback. However, the answers to the questions would often just be images or simple "yes or no" questions, then they would learn through the feedback reasoning. I didn't make complex branching things or multi-step questions, but I also didn't just make them read text and click next.
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