Interviewing and Hiring

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Q.1 What qualifies you as a good recruiting assistant?
Skills like: strong grasp over HR policies, Effective written and verbal communication skills, and strong organizational skills, there's qualify me as a good recruiter.
Q.2 What is the role of a recruiting assistant?
The responsibilities of a recruiting assistant involves: assisting the recruitment and induction of personnel, coordinating and reconciling payrolls, verifying candidate eligibility, compiling all required documents for the processing the application, also, it involves the scheduling job interviews and interviews of promotion candidates with the HR board.
Q.3 What do you understand by the term recruitment?
It is basically the process of linking employees with the employers. There are certain factors it involves like: identifying, short listing and selecting the suitable candidates to fill in vacant positions within a firm.
Q.4 How are the internal and external sources of recruitment different from each other?
Internal recruitment means filling a position with an employee from within the firm, is what known as to be internal recruitment. The sources for this involves: transfers, promotions, demotions and re-employment of ex-employees.
While hiring of employees from outside the firm is known as the External recruitment, sources of which include: job ads, college campuses, employee referral programs and placement agents.
Q.5 Please explain the recruitment policy?
A set of guidelines under which an HR department functions, is known as Recruitment Policy. General areas that a recruitment policy cover involves: terms and sources of recruitment, payment terms and conditions, selection process and terms for contractual employees hiring.
Q.6 What is implied by the term poaching in recruitment?
Hiring an employee from a contemporary firm on better terms and higher pay scale is known as Poaching. For any organization, it's a big threat and it becomes the duty of the HR department to ensure employee satisfaction in order to retain good employees in the company.
Q.7 Give the features of an effective recruitment strategy?
It must be unbiased, should possess capability of recruiting the best talent, effective in helping employees to reach their maximum potential and promoting merit base selection and placement.
Q.8 After hiring, is a recruitment assistant still involved in interaction with personnel?
Yes the Recruitment assistants remain in contact with personnel after their hiring for pay roll processing details, ensuring the personnel’s proper training and resolving any on the job issues the employees may face.
Q.9 How is selection different from recruitment?
If we talk of Recruitment it is a process that searches for talent on broad basis while on the other hand selection can be referred to just screening the eligible candidates to find the most suitable one out of them.
Recruitment is a process that attracts as many candidates as possible while the selection process helps in eliminating the unfit or in-eligible candidates from the Consideration.
Q.10 State the steps involved in the manpower planning?
1.) Analysing the current manpower inventory
2.) Making future manpower forecasts
3.) Developing employment programmes
4.) Design training programmes.
Q.11 Why is training important for any job?
The right training assures that your employees are using equipment correctly and observing correct health and safety practices in the workplace.
The right training enables the employees to possess the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their work to the best of their ability, increasing productivity and quality of work.
Whether it is about the training, the methods of work or legislation things continuously change with time in the workplace. So, the regular training means your business and your employees don't lag behind in any way.
Q.12 What do you understand by web publishing?
Web Publishing: it is the process of publishing original content on the Internet. The process involves updating the associated webpages, the building and uploading websites, and posting content to these webpages online.
Q.13 What importance do staffing holds?
Staffing is actually quite a technical job, as there is no potential of mistakes it holds, few factors involved in this are:
Trained Employees Perform Better
Smart Scheduling Streamlines Service
Poor Staffing Leads to Business Decline.
Q.14 What do you understand by transfers?
Transfer is movement of employee who holds the same level or position.
Q.15 What is promotion?
Promotion refers to raising awareness of a product or a brand among the customer of a product or brand, generating sales, and Creating brand loyalty.
It is one of the four basic elements of the market mix, which involves the four P's:
Q.16 What are the methods of off the job training?
Classroom Lectures
Vestibule Training
Case Studies
Role Playing.
Q.17 What is an employment exchange?
Any of the offices established in any country for the collection of labour statistics, for the placing employees, and for handling part of the system of unemployment insurance.
Q.18 What are the methods of on the job training?
There are 6 methods which are used for on the job training:
Job Rotation
Job Instruction
Committee Assignments
Internship Training.
Q.19 Is staffing a part of human resource management?
Approaches for filling positions
Emphasis of Human resources
Relationship between the resources
Manpower accounting.
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