HR Business Partner Interview Questions

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Q.1 How to measure the impact of training on individual employees?
Measuring the impact of training on individual employees is performed by conducting quiz or survey to know the individual's understanding of the training various metrics can be deployed for monitoring and taking suitable actions for rectification.
Q.2 What is a skill gap analysis?
A skill gap analysis is needed while developing or changing new training programs. It compares the present skills and desired skills for achieving strategic organizational goals.
Q.3 What is Sensitivity Training
Sensitivity training is a training method which involves group discussion and interaction in a group so as to enhance the learner's awareness of self and others in the group.
Q.4 What influences training method selection?
Various factors influencing training method selection are: trainer's knowledge, managerial and teaching experience, the training objectives, the subject to be trained on, time and material factors.
Q.5 List training needs assessment methods
Training needs assessment methods includes: Job specifications, observation, interviews, Group conferences and questionnaire surveys.
Q.6 How to organize and start training programs for employees?
We need to conduct training needs assessment, and map training needs to different levels of organization. As per organizational requirement, learning styles, and company size, we select learning tools with emphasis on individualized learning.
Q.7 How to identify a good training policy?
A good training policy has specific characteristics as: the policy is sound, logical, and flexible, it is able to reflect internal and external business environment, involves all levels of employees and is periodically reviewed.
Q.8 What does Training and Development Plan includes?
A Training and Development Plan usually includes: T & D goals, present gap and training requirements, realistic expectations and how to build accomplish the T & D goals.
Q.9 How to recognize a committed instructor
A committed instructor, knows the subject, has the aptitude, willingness and abilities to teach and is a permanent student.
Q.10 List few factors which influence wages
There are many factors which influence wages and salary, as: The company's ability to pay, supply and demand of labour, the cost of living and job requirements.
Q.11 What is included under fringe benefits for an employee?
Fringe benefits for an employee are monetary benefits and include: Provident fund, Gratuity, Medical care, Health and Group insurance, subsidized canteen facilities and Recreational facilities.
Q.12 What are perquisites for an employee?
The perquisites for an employee are special benefits offered to executives for retaining them and usually include: Company car, Club membership, paid holidays, and furnished house or accommodation and Stock option schemes.
Q.13 Describe Non-monetary benefits
Non-monetary benefits are benefits which provide psychological satisfaction to employees and usually include: recognition of merit through certificate, offering challenging job responsibilities, Promoting growth prospects, Comfortable working conditions and Job sharing and flexi-time.
Q.14 How will you perform job evaluation for determining payroll for a post?
Job evaluation for payroll involves, having clearly defined and identifiable jobs which are evaluated as per agreed job evaluation scheme and gaining understanding of the job. It is the objective evaluation of the job.
Q.15 Differentiate amongst job analysis and evaluation.
Job analysis focuses on determining job‘s worth by data collection about the job and is the first stage of job evaluation. Job evaluation is a broader concept involving job analysis as it is the basis for a balanced wage structure by following the job analysis data and measure the value of job description to have a balanced wage structure.
Q.16 What factors influence competency based compensation?
There are various factors which influence competency based compensation and are: Complexity of Work as resources needed difficulty in doing the job, the breadth and variety of the employee's assignments and impact n the company.
Q.17 What does BARS rates for a candidate in interview?
BARS rates performance of the candidate.
Q.18 What will be of use in assessing a, interview candidate’s soft skills?
Various interactions with the candidate help assess their soft skills and include: conversations, reference checks and details in resume.
Q.19 What assessment type will measure a variety of mental abilities, such as verbal and mathematical ability of a candidate appearing for interview?
Cognitive Ability Tests will assess mental abilities of the candidate.
Q.20 Which online service is used to conduct live video interview?
Skype, Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams can be used for conducting live video interview
Q.21 Illustrate job design.
Job design is a process of structuring the work for a given role and designating activities for the role.
Q.22 List an intangible factor which influences the recruitment process
Public image of the company is an intangible factor which influences the recruitment process
Q.23 What does job analysis involves?
The process of job analysis involves collecting information on the nature of jobs and suitable employee required for the job.
Q.24 What is usually part of job description?
Job description usually includes job location, job role and responsibilities.
Q.25 List any benefits of video interview
Video interview enables access to international talent, saves travel costs and can easily be recorded.
Q.26 What does performance appraisal aims for?
Performance appraisal aims for making employees aware of their strengths and weakness, analyse job roles and assess which employee is better suited for which role as well enlist training needs of the employees.
Q.27 How to manage a difficult employee?
Managing a difficult employee involves connecting with them to address issues being faced by them, listening to them and having a clear communication without any negative bias.
Q.28 What will happen if the employees rate themselves?
The employees rate themselves higher against those by supervisor.
Q.29 What is primarily used for developing performance standards?
Job description is primarily used for developing performance standards.
Q.30 If an employee is dissatisfied at work then what it may indicate about performance appraisal?
It indicates that the job is not structured to suit the employee's skills and preferences.
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