Restaurant Manager Interview Questions

Here are top frequently asked interview questions that are likely to be asked by the employer.

Q.1 What do you know about our restaurant?
The focus of this interview question is to see your research about the organization so it is required to search as much info by visiting their website, social media, customer and professional reviews. Give details about the history/ethos/values of the company, type of cuisine, type of customer they focus and strengths and weaknesses of the organization as per your research.
Q.2 Why do you want to be a manager at this restaurant?
The focus of your answer should be on the positives about the restaurant and the potential you believe it has to be better. You are required to provide specific details about how you would build on the positives and deal with areas for improvement. Most importantly try to convince the employer of your sincere commitment to the success of the restaurant.
Q.3 Why should we consider you for this job?
This questions requires you to fully understand the role of the restaurant manager and the key requirements for this job. You are required to discuss your previous success in ensuring profitability, building sales, securing excellent reviews, retaining and developing employees and delivering a great restaurant experience. This will help you to showcase your strength to take up the job.
Q.4 What is your management style?
This question focuses to explore your personal management style and how you relate to employees. Most importantly your style should fit with the culture of the team and restaurant. Sample Answer - With refer to my experience it is crucial to develop the team and show confidence in their abilities. This not only includes providing role clarity, communicating clear expectations, and giving feedback to maintain open communication at all point of times.
Q.5 Which decision have you recently taken under intense time pressure?
This primary aim of the question is to assess your decision-making and judgment ability. You must therefore consider relevant facts carefully, weighing up the alternatives and deciding on the best course of action. Also it is important to focus on your ability to remain clear-headed under stress, since restaurant staff often work under high levels of pressure.
Q.6 Why do you want to be a part of our restaurant?
In this type of question, it is important to do some research about the restaurant you applied for before going for interview. Start checking their website, social media pages, and reading the reviews of customer and professional. During the interview, you can start with telling about the values/history of the company, the various types of cuisines, the kind of ambience they want, and the type of customers they attract. However, if you made a point about the food, you can share about your visit. Lastly, you can tell about the weakness and strength according to your research.
Q.7 How have you helped an employee who is under performing?
You must focus on how you worked towards understanding the reasons for under performance by asking questions and listening. This conversation helps the interviewer to determine if the employee had the necessary resources, skills and motivation to perform and provide the right support to improve performance of the team.
Q.8 What steps or methods you will use for lowering down the cost of operating a restaurant?
As a Restaurant manager, it is important to stay up to date with the operations aspect of the establishment. According to my experience of reducing expenses at previous restaurant, I will firstly, decrease the expenses of running a restaurant by re-examining our vendors’ charges every three months in order for finding out the most competitive prices. And, I will create menus for each quarter using seasonal produce for lowering down costs.
Q.9 In your previous workplace, have you ever instructed or fired any staff for violating the restaurant’s policies?
Sample Answer - Restaurant managers major aim at the workplace is to make sure that the staff is following protocol. At my previous workplace, I gave an employee a warning sign. And, after two or three times doing the same mistake it led to termination. The reason was being showed up late at the shift and taking breaks without asking. These were against the restaurant policy.
Q.10 Do you have any knowledge about the restaurant automation tools?
Managers at the restaurant have to handle the financial documents using the applications designed for making the process smoother and the figures more accurate. However, I have advanced computer knowledge skills. I have worked on various systems and analyzing restaurant reports. And, the tools I have used are ADP for payroll and Toast POS for end-of-day revenue reports as well as for updating our online menus.
Q.11 Assume if some item is not selling well on the menu. How will you communicate with the chef?
For every Restaurant managers, it is important to have a good communication with the staff in a polite manner. For this, situation, there must be meetings conducted with the cooks for discussing about the item. However, there will be time when chef will not agree. So, we have to convince to make changes in the dish. Here, we can also discuss having new ideas for the menu with the chef for swapping that item. Because cooks also wants to try something new and mostly they agree on this.
Q.12 Name some of the top food chains in India.
The most popular food chains in India are Pizza Hut, Domino’s, McDonald’s, and KFC etc. In the local brands, Café Coffee Day (CCD) has a significant share in the snacks market and in case of vegetarian fast food, Haldirams tops the chart.
Q.13 What methods you use for keeping your staff and team motivated in busy or stressful shifts?
Being a Restaurant managers, it is important to support and motivate team regardless of how busy we are. For this, I always tried to work along with them. I keep them energetic by working during the breaks to make them believe if I can do it then also can. I try to communicate with them while assigning the responsibilities by giving them option to choose from the duties to get the better output and make them comfortable with their work.
Q.14 Why would you like to be a manager at this restaurant?
Focus on the positives you have picked up about the restaurant and the potential you believe it has to be even better provide specific details about how you would build on the positives and deal with areas for improvement. It is key that you convince the employer of your sincere commitment to the success of the restaurant.
Q.15 Can you explain, why you are perfect for this job role?
As per my past experience as a restaurant manager, I have gained skills and knowledge in major areas of this role. Using these capabilities I can ensure profitability, manage and use method for building sales, secure excellent reviews, retain and develop employees/staffs/chefs provide a great restaurant experience.
Q.16 Can you name some of major challenges faced new styles of India restaurant?
The challenges being faced by these new styles of Indian restaurants are, Food price fluctuations Unmanageable licensing laws High cost of real estate Lack of skilled workers High food inflation Rigorous competition
Q.17 What are your ways of using inventory?
Inventory should be done in pairs once a month. But, you should check that if your food cost is too high after monitoring the garbage and what's coming back from the tables. For this, you can do a weekly inventory for a few weeks for getting the data you need.
Q.18 If your food cost starts to rise, what steps you will take to control the cost?

Firstly, I will start performing a weekly or daily inventory on highest price items or desirable items.

Secondly, I will validates and call for pre-shift meetings for identifying the portion size and waste.

Thirdly, it is important to check all orders in and verify with vendor.

Then, examining those that items correctness.

Lastly, identifying the discounts, coupons and comp %. And, checking for any unusual patterns with numbers or behavior.

Q.19 According to you, what are the major components of work culture?
Any work culture has three major components. Work: Work is the actual job to be done. Worker: Worker is the person who does the job Work place: Work place includes the place for doing the work, tools and equipment required and the storage space for them
Q.20 Tell me about the new trends that you find out in the today's food industry?
Now, there are various extensive methods to reach every possible customer using mass media and social media platforms. Restaurant provides the best hospitable and ambiance services with providing a creative dining and dish setup that makes customers to visit again.
Q.21 Have you ever been late at the restaurant?
No, I have never been late to work. Moreover, I always keep on setting staff that the restaurant doors should be open at right time.
Q.22 According to you what are major responsibilities of a Restaurant Manager?

The major responsibilities can be:

Coordinating daily restaurant management operations Delivering superior food and beverage service and maximizing customer satisfaction

Responding accurately to restaurant customer complaints Appraising staff performance and providing feedback for improving productivity

Estimating future needs for goods, kitchen utensils and cleaning products

Ensuring compliance with sanitation and safety regulations

Controlling operational costs and identify measures to cut waste

Creating detailed reports on weekly, monthly and annual revenues and expenses

Q.23 If you saw a waiter taking a burnt dish to a customer, what will you do?
I try to stop the waiter before reaching the customer. However, if they reach then, I will apologize and ensure that proper one is arranged for the customer with offering a discount as per the companies policies.
Q.24 Share your views on the role of Restaurant Assistant Manager.
The assistant manager's job may be normal one day and exciting the next. That is to say, they often take over the restaurant in the absence of the boss. However, this role requires to be a multi-tasking, problem solver, and someone with good interpersonal skills.
Q.25 What changes or modifications you will do to improve our restaurant?
As a restaurant manager, I will major work on creating the brand and planning and applying methods for providing the best customer experience.
Q.26 What if there is an dish on the menu which is not selling. How will you discuss it with the chef?
Firstly, I will discuss with chef if we can make some improvement to make it look better in taste, presentation and overall portion. However, if this does not work then , the last option is to remove it from the menu and replace it with something saleable.
Q.27 For how long you are thinking to stay with this company?
I am not looking for a job I can retire from. I will continue to work here as long as I am meeting all the expectations and providing ways for more improvement.
Q.28 Suggest some of the stress management techniques.

Some of the techniques of stress management are as under,

Prevention: Make efforts to be calm, patient and relaxed at times of tribulations i.e., avoid overreacting to petty things that annoy you. Whenever anger or frustration conquest you, it drains away good energy and deviate from more important things.

Adjust to situations: Accept situation wisely and do not surrender to unfavorable circumstances.

Time Management: Schedule your work by making plans for effective utilization of time and effort.

Take a break: Spend alone time to break the routine. This will help relieve stress and gives you a better perspective of the happenings around you. Indulge in pastimes like reading, writing, painting, listening to music, dancing, exercises, and go on vacations or regular outings, etc.

Guidance and Faith: For maintaining a balance and developing well-being spiritual guidance is beneficial. Take-up relaxation training programmes like yoga, meditation or other methods that teach stretching, breathing to increase your inner strength.

Positive attitude: A positive approach to life helps in rejuvenation and instigates self-discipline and belief. Setting Goals: For a controlled and stable working environment setting of goals accurately is very essential. One must be realistic in setting targets starting with small daily goals, then building up from there. Also re-evaluate your goals regularly and adjust them with changing scenarios.

Q.29 Suppose if there an employee who is not meeting the expectations, what are your views on this?
For every restaurant, employees are important for the success of the operation. However, if someone is not performing well, then it can majorly effect the restaurant may suffer.
Q.30 What if you caught chef using the expired ingredients?
Firstly, it is very important to guide the chef to not use expired products. This will not only make the food quality poor or unhealthy, but it can also result in serious actions taken by the customers if they found out.
Q.31 Tell me what preparations would you do to prepare for a Health Inspection?
Part of your job as a restaurant manager is to maintain a clean and healthy environment for the guests and staff. Some people assume that they can simply clean before the inspection happens. This is not the best idea because inspections can happen when you least expect them. Instead, it is better to discuss the things you would do daily to ensure that your restaurant meets the health standards.
Q.32 According to you, what are the common mistake in the restaurant jobs?
Some common mistakes can be not overseeing food preparation work constantly, not handling staffing issues properly and failing to provide excellence in customer service.
Q.33 What are your weakness as a Restaurant Supervisor?
Firstly, if I find that things are not done to perfection, it starts bothers me. For this, I have to control myself when I see less than perfect work done. Secondly, I have habit of straightening napkins and chairs which puts my staff at disorder. Lastly, at the end of the day, I make it my job to balance the cash drawer myself. This can be because I don't trust the staff easily that they can handle this part.
Q.34 What techniques you will use for controlling cost?
Guiding cooks to proper portioning and waste measurements for controlling the amount of product going to waste, establish a suitable schedule for properly covering the shifts in the restaurant. Then, examining the activity of customers and employees standing around and ending staff home that is not needed.
Q.35 Why you think you are an effective manager?
According to me, I possess the qualities that make a good leader. I am very passionate, motivated and inventive. Moreover, I know that I could lead a team while also being able to listen to new ideas by others when needed. I have the ability to take any responsibility and always try to make everyone around proud with my work.
Q.36 Do you have any experience in making reports for the Senior Management?
Yes, as an assistant restaurant managers we have report to senior management. For this, we have to maintain all the updated data both oral and in written reports.
Q.37 How will you manage a understaffed shift?
For every restaurant, it is important to have a healthy and sufficient staff. In the event if someone calls in sick, you need to be able to problem solve so the restaurant continues to run smoothly. Here, you might call the other employees who are not working to get the shifts covered. You can also try to enforce a policy that discourages employees from calling in sick.
Q.38 What are the qualities of a good staff?

Firstly, Service staff should be well groomed and clean at all times. Hands should be given a special attention. They should be clean and nails well trimmed.

Secondly, all service staff should be well-mannered and respectful to the guests, even in most tiring circumstances. Punctuality & Honesty are the most admirable qualities of a good service staff.

Thirdly, service staff should have thorough knowledge of the food and beverages served in the restaurant.

Next, they should be honest not only to themselves but to the customers and management as well.

Q.39 What way you will use to handle the Inventory Reports, Revenue Reports, Payroll Reports, etc?
I will schedule time to do inventory, delegate and collect information weekly, and double check it before submitting to Management.
Q.40 Do you have any goals that you missed at previous restaurant?
I always wanted to grow with the company with a view for owning my own franchise. Later but my transfer ended the plan, however, I learnt that change is the only constant thing in life. That is to say, my transfer actually opened my eyes for other possibilities.
Q.41 Are you looking for any challenges in this position?
With my past experience and skills, I am always motivated by all the challenges that come in my way. I always try to complete all my goals even if I don't have knowledge about that. I try to research and make it complete.
Q.42 What experience have been important to you as a Restaurant Supervisor?
Working as a restaurant supervisor helped me in experiencing new possibilities and meeting new people every day. This also helped me in developing my interpersonal, behavioral and time management skills.
Q.43 How you will be resourceful for our restaurant?
I consider myself fast and resourceful with having all the knowledge about the restaurant business inside out. I also have good experience in leading, managing and training restaurant staff. And, here, I will always to provide a big contribution in making the restaurant reaching the top.
Q.44 What are major principles for a good food hygiene?

The key five principles of food hygiene are

Firstly, preventing contaminating food with pathogens spreading from people, pets, and pests.

Secondly, separating raw and cooked foods to prevent contaminating the cooked foods.

Thirdly, cooking foods for the appropriate length of time and at the appropriate temperature to kill pathogens.

Next, storing food at the proper temperature

Lastly, using safe water and raw materials

Q.45 How much experience you have in the restaurant field?
I have almost ten years of experience working in the restaurant field. This includes working in fine dining, exclusive private events, corporate setting, and casual dining.
Q.46 How do you study a customer for understanding their needs?
I am a very observant and attentive kind of person. I try to observe customers for a while. And, after that, I try to create a report by studying their preferred products and using that for striking a conversation.
Q.47 Name some of the departments and areas of a restaurant.

Back of House – It refers to the area of a restaurant that guests are not allowed. The kitchen, dishwashing area and wait station are all located in the back of the house.

Bar – back – An assistant for the bartender. A bar-back usually runs glasses through the dishwasher, stocks the coolers and liquor bottles, and pours beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks for the wait staff.

Chaffing Dish – It is a metal dish that is filled with water and kept warm with a candle or fuel cell underneath. These are typically used on buffets.

Expediter – The kitchen staff who groups plated food together by table number, for the servers to deliver.

Front of House – It refers to the area of a restaurant where guests are allowed. The dining room and bar are all in the front of the house.

Host/Hostess – The person who meets the guests and shows them to their table. The host is also responsible for keeping track of reservations and waiting lines.

Line – The line is the area that divides the cooks from the wait staff. It is where the food is placed to await pickup.

Q.48 Describe the types of services in the restaurant field.
Counter Service Counter service is a form of service in restaurants, pubs, and bars where food or drinks are ordered at the counter. Counter service is also called “bar service” in the case of pubs .Counter service is compared with table service where service is provided at the table. With counter service, the customer generally pays before consuming the food or drink. Table Service Table service is the norm in most restaurants, while for some fast food restaurants counter service is the common form. Gueridon Service Gueridon service is a form of food service provided by restaurants to their guests. A gueridon typically consists of a trolley that is well equipped to prepare, cook and serve the food to the guest.
Q.49 What do you understand by Culinary Art?
Culinary art is the art of preparing and cooking foods. The word “culinary” is defined as something related to, or connected with, cooking. A culinarian is a person working in the culinary arts. A culinarian working in restaurants is commonly known as a cook or a chef. Culinary artists are responsible for skillfully preparing meals that are as pleasing to the palate as to the eye. Increasingly they are required to have knowledge of the science of food and an understanding of diet and nutrition. They work primarily in restaurants, delicatessens, hospitals and other institutions. Kitchen conditions vary depending on the type of business, restaurant, nursing home, etc.
Q.50 How will you make use of ISO 9001 in your job?
ISO 9001 is a quality management system which focus on improving the operations of a business. In a restaurant environment, the system lays out requirements that are needed for running a restaurant in terms of operational stability, quality of food and personal hygiene of food service workers. Here, ISO 9001 can be used.
Q.51 DO you like or enjoy communicating with customers?
I like communicating with customers and understanding their requirements when the need arises. Doing this will help me in understanding about the customers expectations.
Q.52 Explain me a situation where a customer was upset and you handled the situation well?
A customer had found a hair in her food, after apologizing for the event I assured her that all necessary precautions have been taken and that this incident will be look into more intensely, I showed her that all our staff wear the required gear and take the needed precautions, I replaced her meal and offered a discount for a future date at the restaurant. She left satisfied - I addressed the problem immediately, took care of her needs and showed her that the problems is not one that happens often and will be dealt with even more care in the future.
Q.53 What is your biggest strength for this role?
I am hard working and faster learner with good communication skills. Together with a good experience in this restaurant field, I have gain skills to easily adapt with the change in the working culture. Moreover, I have the ability to lead and handle the team.
Q.54 Do you have any focused mindset for this restaurant?
I would like to use my experience and skills to making this restaurant one of the most talked restaurants. With this, I will try to contribute in offering best customer care, great food and drinks, with a friendly family environment, controlling the profit margins, and helping in development of all team members.
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