Fitness Trainer

Are you looking for a job in Fitness Training, try these interview questions on Fitness Trainer to ace the job interview.

Q.1 What type of workouts do you enjoy as a trainer?
You are required to be honest and clear about your passion and execution since the interviewer wishes to match how well you will be well-suited with the current facility. Let us suppose the employer is planning to hire someone who can to do extensive weight training workouts with clients, for instance it will be considered a good idea to tell that you enjoy weight training or some other training style..
Q.2 What are the ways in which you develop rapport with the client?
As a fitness trainer you are required to build a good rapport and connect with the client to keep them engaged and assure that they keep coming back. It becomes crucial that as a trainer you learn the client’s likes and dislikes and maintaining good communication.
Q.3 How do you deal with a difficult client?
The focus of the interviewer is to assess you method of handling a given situation. This is a behavioural interviewing technique were the interviewer focuses to understand your behaviour and capability to handle any future situations. At no point of time you should bad-mouth the client. You may tell how you listened to their concerns, and the various ways you used to meet their requirements.
Q.4 What are ways you will use to keep the clients motivated?
Clearly every trainer uses tricks of the trade to keep clients engage and motivate them to keep coming back. You may give examples how you have conducted competitions and celebrated to reward clients for participation. Also you may share what extra efforts you made like conducting joint sessions and motivating them to give a single session to improve participation.
Q.5 What is your style of training?
There are certain fitness centres who specialize in certain a particular type of training, like plyometrics, Pilates or TRX, etc. But in case you do not already know that style of training, but show that you are willing to learn. As a trainer, you are required to complete a certain number of continuing education credits to keep your credential. In case you know the style of training, tell the employer about how you have used it and what successes you achieved in using it with clients.
Q.6 Which system gives oxygen to the body?
Cardio Vascular System gives oxygen to the body.
Q.7 What does higher BV value indicates?
Higher BV value indicates the more readily the protein is absorbed by the body.
Q.8 Why is fitness assessment needed?
Fitness assessment is needed to : 1. determine current health conditions, risks or limitations 2. learn about past injuries or surgeries 3. assess current fitness level
Q.9 Define Stress
The physical and emotional state experienced as a result of a positive or negative life event.
Q.10 What does push up test, tests?
Push up test, tests Muscular Endurance.
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