Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves the promotion of web pages by increasing their visibility in search engine results. There are different ways of doing it. But when it comes to job interview, you will face these questions in your next job interview. Checkout these to make yourself ready for the interview.

Q.1 What are the benefits of remarketing?
Remarketing campaigns are using to show ads to people who have visited your website. The ads are managed in Google AdWords and are shown on web pages visited by your target audience and Remarketing only applicable for Google Display Network only.
Q.2 Explain the working of AdWords?
Google AdWords work on the basis of a bidding system. For instance, if the bidding price is higher, your ad will appear on top of the Google page. Working on the ‘pay per click’ model, you only pay the amount you have bid if someone taps on your ad that appears on Google SERPs.
Q.3 What is the meaning of Ad Rank?
Ad Rank decides the ad position on Google page. This is determined by your bid for that quality score and keyword.
Q.4 What is Quality Score in Google AdWords?
Google’s quality score determines the value and relevancy of your ad to the user on the basis of keyword relevancy, quality of your landing, and your ad’s CTR. Higher quality score keywords will save your money and get better ad ranking.
Q.5 Difference between Call extension & call out extension.
Call extension allows you to place a phone number on your ad, allowing people to call from results and expands your ad space. Callouts are add-ons you can use to bring more attention to your ads with phrases like “24/7 Service” or “free shipping”. It gives you more space to spice up your offer, take up more space and enhance your ads.
Q.6 What is the role of conversion optimizer in AdWords?
Conversion Optimizer is a tool used by Google AdWords for bid manipulation and decides which clicks on the ad will be valuable. This helps you to return maximum on your investment.
Q.7 How can you improve conversion rates?
To target users to the campaign for boosting conversions, one has to create ads that match properly with keywords and create tightly themed ad groups.
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