Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is basically marketing of products or services using digital technologies. It is one of the trending job sector right now. A Career in digital marketing can provide you a good salary, even you can work as a freelance and you will earn a good handsome payout. Now when it comes to lending a job in digital marketing, you can serve different roles like digital marketing exe, social media marketing executive, email marketer, digital marketing manager. Your skills and techniques will be tested in digital marketing. Here we have listed some important questions that can prepare you for different roles in digital marketing as discussed above.

Q.1 How do you describe the term “Digital Marketing” in your own language?
Digital Marketing refers to the set of activities undertaken to market a business through digital channels. Such that these activities includes targeted, measurable and interactive activities to reach out to and engage with potential and existing customers. These may include both organic and paid activities, which may also be used in combination. Digital marketing covers a wide range of activities such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate marketing and so on. So when you answer this question state that it is good if we can add on that that the focal point of digital marketing is marketing. Such that digital mediums are only the means to achieve the marketing goals. You should demonstration this fundamental understanding can to make your answer better.
Q.2 What according to you are the advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing?

There are indeed a lot of differences between traditional and digital marketing technique. Some of the areas of differences are -

1. Outcomes from digital marketing activities are accurately measured, which may not be possible in traditional marketing methods. These outcomes measured assist in calculating the ROI, which is crucial for any marketing activity.

2. Digital Marketing helps to establish two-way communication, unlike marketing through traditional means.

3. The modern digital methods involve a customer response that helps to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and improve it on an ongoing basis.

4. Cost of reaching to each individual is usually far lower in marketing digitally as compared to traditional methods.

5. There is a lot of control in terms of handling the overall process (starting, pausing or stopping) any campaign at any point in time in digital medium which may not be the case in traditional marketing styles.

Q.3 Since Digital Marketing covers a broad spectrum of activities, suggest a list of some of its important areas to focus on?

Since Digital Marketing covers several activities to reach out and engage with prospective customers. Some of the important verticals to focus on include -

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
Q.4 Are branding and direct marketing consider the same?

Branding and Direct Marketing are not the same. Branding refers to building a memorable connection with an audience, by reaching out and raising the exposure level for the brand. Typically branding activities follow a storytelling approach and include engagement-oriented content, but not considered as a direct sales pitch.

On the other hand, direct marketing refers to communicating with a target audience and it involves direct persuasion to convince them to make a purchase decision. Some examples of Branding and Direct Marketing are as follows - Running an informative blog on a company website and sharing it across social handles is an attempt at branding. Such that the purpose of the blog is to invite visitors on to the website, offer them to consume content and build a relationship with them. Running PPC advertisements with Call To Actions such as “CLICK HERE” is an attempt in direct marketing.

Q.5 What is Googlebot?
Google's program to crawl websites and add updated pages in Google index.
Q.6 What is a User ID in Google Analytics?
A unique ID generated by you to assign online visitors.
Q.7 How to generate traffic on a website suggest some possible ways?

Indeed there are many ways to generate traffic on a website but some of the popular methods are:

  • Try to optimize the website for search engine ranks by engaging in both on-page and off-page SEO activities.
  • Use of compelling titles to encourage a high Click Through Rate (CTR) on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Create and publish SEO optimized content that adds real user value and encourages visits to your site.
  • Marinating an updated blog on the website and keeping it updated.
  • Answering questions on like Quora, and giving backlinks to the website.
  • Generating a list of leads from your website, and following-up with them regularly.
  • Running social media and PPC ads to attract visitors to the website.
Q.8 What is the difference between Custom Dimension and Custom Variable?
Custom Dimensions are managed on server side and Custom Variables are managed on client side.
Q.9 What are the uses of Google Adword in digital marketing?
It’s an advertising system that works on the Pay per click model. Here the marketers bid for advert spots that appear on Google search engine. It’s also enabled even small business owners to advertise their products to a targeted set of audience.
Q.10 What do you mean by AMP?
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) announced by Google in October 2015 and rolled out through 2016.
Q.11 Name some area where keyword optimization is done?

Here are the areas for keyword optimization.

  • Website title
  • Website URL
  • Meta Tag
  • Web Page Content
  • Headings
Q.12 How someone will avoid Google penalty?

It can be avoided by ensuring that:-

  • Links are not broken
  • Content isn’t duplicate
  • Smart keywords used
  • Website is mobile friendly
Q.13 A company "A" is facing issue of low conversion rate of traffic to leads. What steps will you recommend?
Divide the form in multiple steps, so that each form appears very small.
Q.14 What are the keys to a successful content marketing strategy?

Here are the keys to a successful content marketing strategy.

  • Define our purpose
  • Focus on the quality
  • Set the priority
  • Know our audience
  • Never ignore SEO
  • Interact with readers
Q.15 What is keyword?
In digital marketing, it is the word or phrase which we enter as a query in search engine pages to get relevant results. From SEO point of view it is very crucial for better page ranking.
Q.16 What types of website are affected by Google Panda?
  • A website with low quality
  • Websites which works as a content farm
  • Poor grammar
  • Too many advertisements
  • A website with improper SEO structure
  • Slow site loading time
Q.17 A Company "A" is starting with life cycle emails. They have a huge database of users. What should be their first starting point?

Segment the existing database, based on the personalized communication which company wants to send.    

Q.18 Your ad is live on Google search, and you want to continue to check it over time to see if it is still running.   Why is it advised that you use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool, instead of doing searches to find your ad on
By performing searches that trigger your ad, you'll rack up impressions without clicks, which can lower your click through rate and prevent your ad from appearing as often as it should.
Q.19 What are Dynamic ads?
It connects our store’s product catalog with our Facebook ad account and pixel. When someone visits our site and then logs into Facebook, they’ll see an ad that features the same products they were looking at on our website.
Q.20 What is RWD?
Responsive Web Design is a design that adjusts its layout as per the viewport size and orientation of the device. The content on big screens & small screens are the same but with a different layout.
Q.21 A customer purchased candies for her kid but the kid got sick on eating them. Furious, she complained to the company by posting on their Facebook page and asked other users to avoid purchasing these candies. What action do you think the company should take?
They should apologize, take her phone number and try to speak to her to resolve the matter.
Q.22 What do you mean by RSS feed and what are its importance?

RSS means Rich Site Summary feed. It is a XML file.

  • Helps to increase the audience for content.
  • Enable Email subscription, live booking.
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