Customer Service

If you are preparing for a role in customer service/support, then these interview questions can help you to lend a job. The questions are prepare by professionals to help you to overcome the interview fear.

Q.1 What according to you is Customer service?
When we talk about Customer service it is all about the customer and service which is offered to them. The job of customer service agent to build a positive relationship with the customer. As a customer service agent you are required to ensure that customer’s experience with the company is a satisfying one that helps to boost the overall reputation of the company.
Q.2 What according to you is the key difference between good and great customer service?
Now this question is basically an answer to have a sense of how you consider your role as a customer service professional. We can say that a good customer service only offer what the customer is looking for. Where on the other hand, great customer service is all about the readiness to offer something more to the customer.
Q.3 What will you do when a customer points out a major issue reading any product/service?
This question is primarily asked by the interviewer to know the ability as a customer service manager to empathize with a customer.
Sample Answer -
When a customer points out a major issue reading any product/service, you should say that “I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Then you must assure them that the issue would be solved very quickly as technical team is working on that issue”.
Q.4 What will be your reaction when your co-worker is behaving rudely with the customers?
Sample Answer -
This clearly depends on the situation, like the time period for which the co-worker has been working with the company. But when somebody has newly joined, then we should speak to them and tell them to maintain a more professional attitude”. But if I feel that this it is repeatedly done, then we must inform the team leader.
Q.5 Share your experience about a situation when you assisted any customer to resolve a specific difficulty on customer issue?
It is suggested to speak from your own experience as this will impact the interviewer's perception and overview. But in case you do not have any direct experience for this job then you should speak about the related incidents like how you help resolve a disagreement in a team event or a role you had played in the family dispute.
Q.6 Share your experience about your experience with an irritating customer and how did you handled the situation?
The interviewer wants to analyze your skills to handle adverse situation and being a customer service support representative you often face issue of irritating or abusing customers.

Sample Answer -
“I will remain calm and composed to provide as high a level of service as possible.”
Q.7 How do you use the customer’s feedback to ensure towards the success of the business?
This question has been asked to know how you have developed and improved your sales process skill to contribute towards the success of the organization. Share your experience and feedback which is taken for training, post-sale events or other process improvement activities.
Q.8 How do you define a troubleshooting process?
Since the goal of technical support is to offer assistance and advice to customers about products. As a customer support you are required to understand how you have to deal with solving customer issues since it is crucial to customer retention and business success.

Sample Answer -
Process of troubleshooting requires -
Candidate goes through the troubleshooting process correctly
Candidate has a thorough yet adaptable troubleshooting process
Candidate emphasizes solving customer needs as quickly and effectively as possible. Sample Answer - For troubleshooting process I first gather info and facts from the customer, then identify and verify the issue. Then I try common quick fixes. In case that's not successful, I would use additional resources to research the issue. Therefore once a solution is found, I perform appropriate repairs or replacement if necessary. Thereafter the solution is implemented, I thoroughly test to ensure everything is fine."
Q.9 What is more important according to you is important - Technical knowledge or Customer service?
As a customer service and support technical support specialists must have the right combination of technical and people skills. As a customer service professional you must use reasoning and logic. As a candidate both skills as important, even if they choose one skill over the other. Since both skills play a key role in the job.

Sample Answer -
"Let me say that customer service skills are extremely important. As a customer service you must be able to empathize with people and address their needs. Having good communication skills is crucial. Having said that I have a technical background, and I understand the amount of knowledge you need to actually solve issues. Technical skills are equally important since without having in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software, else one would not have the ability to efficiently do the job."
Q.10 What are hard­disk partitions?
Hard­disk Partitions are primarily used to divide a hard­disk drive into smaller segments as required by the user and for better management of the space in it.
Q.11 What is the difference between a Workgroup and a Domain?
In a Workgroup, all the computers function as Peers. Where on other hand in a Domain, one computer is the Server and the others are Clients.
Q.12 How would you define DHCP?
DHCP is abbreviated for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). DHCP is used to generate and provide IP addresses to the computers on a network.
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