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The multimedia folder contains the various utilities for the Multimedia Tolls in Windows XP. The Multimedia utilities are as follows

Sound RecorderRecord sound if a microphone is attached to your system.
Volume ControlSet the volume and balance for sound related devices
Windows Media PlayerPlay a variety of multimedia files but not edit them.


The calculator available in windows XP is useful for doing calculations while you are working in any other package. The calculator has two options. The standard calculator that does simple arithmetic, and a more complicated Scientific Calculator, that can be used by scientists and engineers. To use the calculator do as the following

Date and Time

It is used to change the date and time being reported by the computer system. Windows XP treats it as Date and Time Properties dialog box that appears in the control panel by the name ‘Date and Time’. It can also be activated by double-clicking in the clock in the right end of taskbar.

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