What is Personnel Management?

What is Personnel Management?



What is Personnel Management? – It is an important function of an HR manager which encompasses covering all the steps of an employee’s life cycle in the organization i.e. from induction of an employee, day-to-day management of employee and his or her records, and finally exit of an employee.

Industrial Relations

It is also called employment relations or employee relations. It is a crucial aspect of human resource management especially in the manufacturing sector or those sectors were unskilled and semi-skilled labor as, it deals with organizational interaction with all employees with the matter related to:

  • Wages and salaries
  • Benefits and incentives
  • Performance appraisal
  • Dispute resolution
  • Communicating with all employees at all levels

It primarily focuses on the following:

  • Trade unionism
  • Collective bargaining
  • Labor-management
  • Labor law and policy
Strategic Human Resource Management and Business Process Re-engineering

The normative models of human resource management focus on the significance of organizational design and are broadly related to job designs that promote horizontal and vertical firmness of activities and better worker sovereignty. Organizational redesigns are also termed as business process re-engineering or high-performing work systems.

Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Learning

In the midst of formulations of Strategic Human Resource Management, formal as well as informal organizational learning signifies an important tool that helps managers to attain the human resource management goals related to the dedication, quality, and flexibility. Therefore, such an emergent field of research has been a focal point in the resource-based strategic human resource management models. In the management context, it is often argued that formal and informal organizational learning strengthens the core competencies of an organization and leads to a competitive advantage. Organizational learning, undoubtedly, strengthens the cultural control and the power of the top-level managers of the organization and could also be the cause of conflicts on productivity and job control.

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